Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care - cmwong27's Album: Ares
A gallery of my betta fish Ares, a veiltail red that I got from a LPS. I've had Ares since May 2014.

Ares (like all bettas) has a LOT of personality. He builds a bubble nest after every water change, although I've never caught him in the act. I can't enter the room his tank is in without him swimming over for food.

Speaking of food, Ares lives on a semi-varied diet of betta flakes and freeze-dried bloodworms (with occasional frozen bloodworms). BUT that's not the fun part. The betta flakes come in a green-lidded plastic jar; bloodworms in red. I wave the jar of which food I plan on feeding him at the tank just before I drop the food in. Ares loves the color red.
I finally got a shot of Ares building a bubble nest. He's so precise and delicate!
Loving how his colors work with the ludwigia.
Fish vs. freeze-dried bloodworm
First things first, checking out his water hyacinth.
June 14, 2014 
Introducing Ares to his new 5-gallon planted tank.
Yawning Ares.
Ares chillin' with his bubble nest the morning after a water change.
Look at that ugly little mug.
Ares' first photo shoot in a half-gallon QT, awaiting his transfer to his newly-planted 5-gallon tank. He's had that split in his tail since I got...
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