Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care - Silverfang's Album: 10 Gal
10 Gal
This is my 10 gal divided for two boys. Champagne (the "lavender gas" VT with absolutely gorgeous fins) and PK (the mustard gas plakat). Several trumpet snails, one zebra nerite, and some shrimp.
Silica sand substrate, aquaclear filter, baffled with sponge over outflow. Live plants, LED lighting.
PK's side, amazon sword, 2 anubias, a few remains of cabomba and java fern. 1 Moss ball, some crypt and an unknown red plant. One zebra nerite snail.
Champagne's side, amazon sword, 2 anubias, some wisteria. 2 java fern, 1 moss ball, a bit of a crypt, an unknown green plant with pink tinted leaves....
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