Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care - Indigo Betta's Album: Indigo

Our beautiful, graceful Indigo Betta was first seen,
For sale, in a tiny tank, by a pet shop chain
The tank was filled with water, up to the brim,
Air supplied by a filter, made the water spin.
In a tank so small, he could barely turn around,
He cowered behind the filter, trying to keep still.
A line of such tanks homed others of his kind.
Their bad treatment was born of ignorance and mean.

We wanted to rescue them all, but male Bettas will never share.
Regrettably Indigo was harmed, by his poor start,
And came to us damaged, with a tear in his tail,
As no medication had been given, fin rot was set in.
With proper treatment though, he happily recovered.
After, when we came, he swam to the front of his tank.
As if he recognised friends; or perhaps he expected treats!
Indigo was happy then, he always received our loving, tender care.

So Indigo Betta proved himself, the best of fish to own, Truly,
An exquisite beauty, with his proud, dark-brown head,
Sleek deep-purple body, and fins of brightest blue.
Elegant sweeping fins, with vivid scarlet stripes,
His flowing beard matched, being bright scarlet too.
His shiny brown eyes were forever alert for food, but
Fed, hed swim straight past, then return to snap it up.
Indigo flaring was a wondrous sight, with his fins extended fully.

Well remember you forever,
Your beauty will fade, never.

To Indigo, from Dawn.
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user43339 pic47625 1366675464 thumb
Indigos bubblenest:)
Indigo's home
Indigo hiding in the plants
Hello I'm Indigo
mr indigo betta (8)
mr indigo
indigo in slight flare mode
indigo fish (5)
pretty indigo
Indigo's old tank decor with bridge and watermill
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