Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care - ashldh's Album: My pet bettas :D
My pet bettas :D
Along with photos taken with regular LED tank lighting, I have also included a few photos of the bettas taken with a flashlight to help show their iridescent/metallic layers.
Little Einstein blowing bubbles :) he's so sweet.
The gorgeous newest addition (along with his brother Mozart), is Amadeus, a metallic butterfly betta!
Flashlight reflecting off Mozart's metallic scales!
Mozart, one of the newest additions. He's nice metallic double tail.
Einstein, he's my special little guy :) his fins were like this for few days due to too cold of water at the pet store  :(
The beautiful Aristotle posing to have his picture  taken :D
This photo really shows off the interesting pattern on Aristotle's tail fin, under his iridescent layer.
Aristotle flaring at his reflection. His iridescent colour really comes out with the flashlight!
Darwin's iridescent layer shining in the flashlight.
Good view of little Darwin's double tail.
My first ever betta fish, Jerry!
Jerry posing for the camera lol.
Back when I only had two betta fish.
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