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Picture Elliot
A elephant ear with white lips
3 11-16-2014 10:11 PM
Picture Nick
Nick Betta

Old Nick is another name for the devil but our pitch black Betta fish is young and named after Nick, the boastful, lively Left 4 Dead character.
He is always up front, of his tank that is, always flaring and very beautiful.
His sooty fins are long and flowing, his black eyes spark like jet-stone and his black body gleams with flashes of colour when caught in a light beam.
As a baby, when he first came to us he was extremely adventurous. One day when we put the light on in his tank, he was missing. We searched frantically, how could a betta fish be lost in his tank with lid firmly secured? It was just ridiculous. We lifted his toy skull out of the tank, thinking he must be hiding beneath it, but no sign of him there! It was a mystery and we were growing anxious, fearing the worst we began to search in his black gravel, but he definitely wasnít there.
Only one possibility left but it seemed unlikely. At the back of his tank is a small boxed section where filter and heater are housed, there is a very small hole which cables are passed through, surely not , it barely seemed credible, but we looked at the back and there he was, trying to swim around in an area where there wasnít even room for him to turn. This was going to be tricky, how in the world could we get him out? He had squeezed his way through the hole and looking from above it was obvious that he had damaged his dorsal fin. We had to get him out quickly, but how? No net could fit into that space and to lift him out with fingers would surely cause more damage. There he was, looking proud still, even in his predicament!
After a quick but detailed debate, we decided that the only way to rescue him was to tip him out, into a bucket. We used his clean changing bucket, took all loose objects from the tank then feeling nervous, tipped the tank up over the bucket. He resisted at first but then took us by surprise by taking a flying leap. To our horror he missed the bucket and landed on the carpet. He was scooped up quickly and plopped back into the water left in the tank which was then topped up.
Poor Nick was dejected, with tears in his magnificent anal fin and a patch torn from his dorsal. He was very down, even refused food. We decided on medication, stress coat and some soothing aquarium salt. It was a day before he accepted food and for about a week he stayed quietly in the corner of his tank looking sorry for himself. Happy to say, he is now fully recovered and preparing to celebrate Halloween!
He is back to sleeping on the top of his favourite skull toy with its gleaming amber eyes and flares again at anyone who goes close to his tank, including our soot-black cat whose yellow eyes flash bright green when she sees him flaring threateningly at her. We hope to find a red plant to put in his tank at Halloween, as part of his decorations for Halloween is beyond doubt the night for him to shine!
2 11-16-2014 10:09 PM
Picture Ponyo
1 08-25-2014 03:09 PM
Picture Ellis
My name is Ellis
I'm big and blue,
I'll swim circles 'round my tank
Because I'm faster than you!

I might not be brave
Or even the smartest,
But I love The Human
Because she tries her hardest.

My tank is lovely
Roomy and warm,
It's a lot like my very
Own fishy dorm!

When the cat jumps up
Is when I go down,
Staying stiller than a mouse
With a big, fish frown.

The Human will sometimes
Offer up Betta toys,
I flare and glass surf
Trying to scare off other boys.

When food is offered
I circle 'round and 'round,
Then gulp down my diet
And wish for a pound.

When The Human turns off lights
I settle in to sleep,
And I hope for her sake
She doesn't make a peep!

Yes, I'm Ellis the Betta
That much is true,

(Poem by BettaBabyBoo)


A Sonnet to Ellis by me

With extra wide, long, sky-blue elephant ears,
Ellis is the loveliest Betta fish,
Whose dark blue body impresses his peers,
And round, royal blue tail, makes them all wish,
They could be him, with clear orange-brown eyes,
Swimming so gracefully in clean, bright tank,
Playing at flaring, in his fearsome guise,
When shown a toy, to establish his high rank.
When feeding time comes, darts to the surface,
Flakes or pellets, choosing makes his day.
His flaring fins as fine as silken lace.
Zooming like a rocket to seize his prey.
There is one thing of which I can be sure,
Ellis will live in our hearts for evermore.

Ellis as January's Betta Photo of the Month
15 03-01-2014 09:43 PM
Picture Finless Pets
25 02-08-2014 08:43 PM
Picture Garry
1 12-07-2013 08:49 PM
Picture Other Fish
Other Fish
11 11-20-2013 02:52 AM
Picture Igneel
Igneel The Great

Hello Iím Igneel The Great Betta Fish.
Iím proud of my long flowing scarlet tail.
Having me was my ownerís ardent wish.
At giving her pleasure I never fail.
When my human comes I look out at her.
It makes her happy, so she gives me food.
When seizing pellets, I never waver.
Every morsel is carefully chewed.
Seeing my reflection I always flare.
If my humanís finger comes near, I bite.
To challenge me, no one would ever dare.
Iím a betta, always ready to fight.
Because I live in a beautiful tank,
It is my loving human that I thank.
9 10-02-2013 08:07 PM
Picture Indigo

Our beautiful, graceful Indigo Betta was first seen,
For sale, in a tiny tank, by a pet shop chain
The tank was filled with water, up to the brim,
Air supplied by a filter, made the water spin.
In a tank so small, he could barely turn around,
He cowered behind the filter, trying to keep still.
A line of such tanks homed others of his kind.
Their bad treatment was born of ignorance and mean.

We wanted to rescue them all, but male Bettas will never share.
Regrettably Indigo was harmed, by his poor start,
And came to us damaged, with a tear in his tail,
As no medication had been given, fin rot was set in.
With proper treatment though, he happily recovered.
After, when we came, he swam to the front of his tank.
As if he recognised friends; or perhaps he expected treats!
Indigo was happy then, he always received our loving, tender care.

So Indigo Betta proved himself, the best of fish to own, Truly,
An exquisite beauty, with his proud, dark-brown head,
Sleek deep-purple body, and fins of brightest blue.
Elegant sweeping fins, with vivid scarlet stripes,
His flowing beard matched, being bright scarlet too.
His shiny brown eyes were forever alert for food, but
Fed, heíd swim straight past, then return to snap it up.
Indigo flaring was a wondrous sight, with his fins extended fully.

Weíll remember you forever,
Your beauty will fade, never.

To Indigo, from Dawn.
20 05-16-2013 09:58 AM
Picture Goldfish
Pictures of Morgan & Silver ^_^
11 04-26-2013 03:27 AM
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