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1 50% and 1 100% per week. During the 100% change, keep the filter media submerged in the dirty water you have removed until it is ready to be put back in the tank. :)

How loud is your music? Is it producing vibrations in the surface? Does the betta react when you turn it on? If he seems fine with it, he probably is. I play music in my bedroom near my fish tank and none of my fish seem bothered. :)
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I have bleached a ton without a single issue. It is totally safe if you understand what you're doing and it's the only thing that kills everything aside from pressure cooking. Vinegar will not kill everything and hot water wonk't kill a lot. Use a 10% solution. Soak for 10 minutes or so. Rinse until there is no smell, then fill one more time and add a hefty dose of dechlorinator and let that soak. Rinse that out well then outgas 24 hours before using. Do not bleach anything porous like decorations or your heater which can hold pockets

Consider baffling your filter or removing it. You can'tfilter a tank that size and its so small there's not room for your betta to escape the current. at least make sure the intake is covered so he can't get sucked in.

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BTW, for the iphone pictures, I usually just email em to myself, right click save as/upload where ever.
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