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Originally Posted by Zappity View Post
Since everyone else already answered your other questions..I'll answer your acclimating ones :)

First, float the cup in his tank for about a half hour. Then slowly had little cupfuls of his new tank water to his cup every five-ten minutes. When it's full, dump out half and repeat the process till it's full again. Then simply net him out and off he goes! :)
Thank you for the advice, i put him in using your method and hes loving the tank. I can tell that i might have to get him something better. Hes very active and swims all over. I just have a question...

I put him in the tank and the filter while i had assumed was very soft and weak, it turns out every time he tried to get air the filter threw him against the wall. So he stayed near the bottom, i watched him to see how he behaved for the time being, i also noticed that when he would go near the part of the filter that sucks in the water he would get sucked in aswell and get stuck to a fake plant. I immediately turned it off because I don't want him to be stressed.

Is there anyway to lower the filters current? Or if I leave it off, how many times a week will i have to perform a water change? its 1 gallon tank. and how much water I remove?
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You've got a lot of good advice, but I'm going to throw in my two cents :)

It's great you want to get a 10 gallon- if you decide to, then I would check out on how to cycle it before adding in your betta and other fish.

In a 10 gallon you could get 5 small tetras and 3-4 cories along with the one betta.. as long as you keep up on the weekly water changes which will depend whether or not you go with live plants. Also keep in mind a lot of tetras are fin nippers.. so if you don't want to risk it, you could always go with some platies, sword tails or even guppies.

A 1 gallon is a fine home for them- as long as you do the water changes each week and find a suitable heater for that size.. I would recommend a 10-15 watt. But if you are going for a 10 gallon, then a 50 watt adjustable you will want to save up for.

Filters in tanks below 5 gallons can be very strong.. I personally wouldn't use a filter in any of my 1 gallons for that reason. A filtered tank that size (or any tank under 5 gallons that is filtered) would require 2 weekly water changes of 50%- one being water only, and one being stir/dip substrate cleaning.

Personally, it's just easier to do 1 50% and 1 100% per week and not have to deal with trying to clean the substrate in such a small tank, and not have to worry about the filter. A one gallon won't hold a stable cycle- so you wouldn't have to worry about that.. anything below 5 gallons won't hold a stable cycle.

If you do decide you want to leave the filter in, then you can get an aquarium sponge and cut it to fit into the outflow section- held on by a new/clean rubber band. That should reduce the flow from the filter.. but in a 1 gallon you will always have some current at the surface.
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