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To move or not to move...

I have a male halfmoon betta in a 2 gallon critter keeper. He has a cave, some plants (java fern), some fake plants at the surface, and a heater. The highest temp I've been able to get the water to is 78.

He's turning into a serious tail biter. He has beautiful fins, but they're getting ragged. I'm not sure what to do.

I have a 10 gallon tank that's been set up for a year that has 1 male platy and 4 cory catfish. I know the catfish will be fine, but I'm a little nervous about the male platy. I used to have a school of neon tetras in there, but the pH is a little high for them and they all died.

Should I move my betta into the 10 gallon for a while to see if he does better? It's filtered, cycled, heated to 78, and has a light on the top (currently my betta is mostly in the dark, depending on how bright the sun shines through).
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I have heard of a Platy and Betta working together. I would suggest trying it since he is biting his tail and sometimes a larger tank helps a tail biter. The other fish may give him something to distract (not in a bad way) him from his tail. I would choose a day that you can keep an eye on the tank for the first several hours and see how they react to the move. Bettas normally will not try to bully the other fish if they are already there first.
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