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How to properly Sanatise a Fish tank without Bleach

I've heard different opinions but I want to Definitely know how to clean a tank?

Specifically an infected aquarium I have 10g had been treated for bacteria am I'm going to clean it out.

Please be very detailed rather than; wash it out with vinegar. HOW do you clean it?? please keep in mind it's 10g and I'm a girl who can barely lift it empty

>.> weakling....

Also!! things such as net, plastic & live plants etc!
I usually just use really hot tap water and rinse it as couple times.
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A lot/most of the pathogen that infect our fish are ever present and no matter what you clean with will always be in the system.

The fish immune response is what help to prevent infections as well as keeping the pathogen numbers in check with water changes-Once the fish is stressed this can compromise the immune response and the fish can become symptomatic.

You have both good and bad pathogens in the system-by added/using some products/chemicals can kill both the good and the bad-often the good is what can help keep the bad in check and then you have antibody development.....this is why you don't want to keep your fish in a sterile or too clean environment....its a balance.....not all pathogen become pathogenic.....

Prevention and be a good keeper of fish you must first be a good keeper of water......

Back to cleaning the tank to get it ready for your new Betta-wash hand well before and after.....leave it sitting in the location you plan to keep it.....fill, vacuum, refill, vacuum...2-3 times.....scrubbing the walls, decorations with an algae scrubber under running water, turning the gravel, clean the filter box...etc......

On the finial fill-try to get the water temp adjusted at the faucet to the temp you plan to keep the Betta-be sure and scape, add decorations, plants etc after filter and heater placement and before it is full-add the proper amount of dechlorinator, plug in/adjust temp on the heater and turn on the filter adding new filter media-use either a clean hand or net to pop any bubbles collected on the walls, decorations etc....if any formed.....

Depending on cycling plans-either add the Betta after proper acclimation to the new chemistry once the tank water temp is stable or start the fishless sure and monitor temp closely for the first 24h...

Look forward to pics once you get it setup....
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Lols sorry I was a bit vague with my question.

It's already all set up (I've just removed the plants - fake & alive).
It was a divided tank, and one of the Betta got a pretty nasty bacteria problem so I had to treat the all the fish with antibiotics.

It's the end of the treatment so do I have to wash it in any special manner? I'm not sure if the bacteria came in from the water or not... but I heard it is contagious so I want to properly clean the tank.
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I would follow the package direction.....
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+1 OFL.

When I get disease in tank, it will remain in tank regardless of medication. When possible I would move the fish to smaller quarantine tanks (easier to change daily). At the same time I would empty everything scrub it all thoroughly and let it sit under direct sunlight (empty and dry). This works much better than using whatever chemicals which is said kills bacteria. Perhaps the problem was cleaning the chemicals...IDK.

I sort of got this method from OFL, who reminded me that the sun is a natural "balancer" and kills bacteria. Further most of them need a host to survive. So if kept under direct sun for , say a week, both the sun and no host should kill them.
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