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Unhappy clumped fins =/

Ok very new to fish "care" we have had fish before but Karmin (my betta) is the first one i have ever gotten attached to i have no idea what kind of beta he is, only that he is well a he.. we just bought him a new tank b/c we didnt know a 1 gallon tank was a bad thing till i started doing research a few weeks ago we got him a cute 2 gallon tank and got him all set up but ever since the move all of his fins have "clumped" some even curled I am not sure if it is a stress thing or what! his old tank didnt have a filter and this one does, maybe he doesnt like how much the water moves? If any one knows how to fish him plz tell me thank you for your time
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Filtering a 2g is really unnecessary since it's too small to cycle. So if it's stressing him out turn it off.. see if he relaxes.

How often and how much are you doing water changes and what dechlorinator are you using?
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Ok i turned off his filter, how long would it take b/f his fins go back to normal? I want to make sure that was the problem
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Moving to a larger tank can always be stressful, and moving to one with a filter for the first time can be even moreso.

Filters in small tanks such as a 2 gallon isn't necessary. In fact, I personally prefer not to use them in tanks below 4. They can be quite strong in the current, which isn't fun for long finned fish.

To keep his water healthy without a filter you are looking at 1 50% and 1 100% water change per week with water conditioner..

It can vary on how long he unclamps his fins.. if it is stress related it could take a day or a few before he adjusts and becomes less afraid. If he wasn't ill, and wasn't like that prior to the move then I would say it is stress..
Did you add in water conditioner?
What is the temp of the tank? And is there a heater?
How did you acclimate him to his new tank? (How did you go about putting him in there.)

If you wish to use the filter, you could get an aquarium sponge, and cut it to fit inside the outflow section of the filter and use a clean/new rubber band to hold it into place. You would still need 2 weekly water changes though- 1 50% water only, and 1 50% with substrate cleaning by either using a small hose or stir the gravel and dip in a cup to remove it.
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