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Unhappy trouble

ive had my pedro for yrs. he has a zen tank that is square & 1gallon. he is the most social fish ive ever seen. the minute u wake up he flies out of his rock to greet u n will almost like talk to u at the top of water for as long as u stand over it. he has always loved his hitari gold color enhancing micro pellets and his dried blood worms and gobbles them as soon as they hit the water. for the last month he has had an extremely hard time eating. he completely misses the food everytime he tries to eat it n gets very angry n starts charging it... still only to miss :(. then he gives up. once in a whiel he seemed to be able to grab a blood worm but now he cant do that even. he barely evn trynig anymore. this fish means so much to me bc a very special person in my life who is like a mom i never had, gave him to me. she moved away and that was so hard on me but she said i have her with me in pedro. so many bad things have happened to me in last few yrs and that fish helps me so much. he has never had a heater or a filter & the pet store told me they like slightly colder temps, but as ive read some threads im getting the opposite msg on here. he was the coolest deep purple (almost black) with metallic blue shimmer in light, with deep red tail w a aqua blue metallic shimmer in light. now hes very faded, which im guessing is due to his lack of eating. he wants to eat but cant seem to. its almost as if his mouth shrunk. im really hoping someone has heard of this. i have some extreme livnig situations going on rite now so hes ben at my best buds house for a few months, plus we had a natural disaster flood happen. hes been totally fine through all that and i visit him almost daily. please if anyones has ideas let me know. he gets a complete water change n tank clean every month. i use distilled water and Dr. Tim's "one and only" each time. in between, his tank is absolutley pristine. he gets more water added wen needed, with half cap full of beta+ conditioner. if i forgot any info let me know,. thanks fro your time!

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error/typo: his food is micro pellets not tablets.
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I'm so sorry about Pedro. Try and get a 2.5 gallon with an adjustable heater, the hydor theo is wonderful and only $20 on Bettas need to be kept at 76-82 fegrees and fare much better at 78-80. NLS Betta Formula is very good, my fish love it and recently Ares ate two of the pellets right off my finger, he seriously jumped out of the water and grabbed it right off my finger. Feed Pedro 2 meals a day, 3 pellets each time if you buy NLS Betta Formula. I got a 2.5 gallon tank at petsmart for $13, and it came with a lid too, the hydor heater for $20 at amazon, and NLS Betta Formula for $10 at amazon. If you buy more than $25 at amazon you get free shipping too. You should get API Stress coat from amazon too for $10. That is a total of $53, and the fish will be very happy. Never use distilled water, it is very bad for bettas. Use tap water. Tap water has chlorine in it which can harm a betta, but the api stress coat neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals. In a 2.5 gallon tank you will have to do two water changes a week, one 50% and one 100%. If you do what I suggested Pedro should get a lot happier. Also buy a thermometer for your tank, they're three dollars. The new setup I reccomended will make him a lot better probably. I know it's a lot of money, but it is definitely worth it. Good luck!
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wont all of that cause extreme environment change stress?
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You say you've had him for years -- how many? Bettas life spans are 4-7 years, ideally, but I hear 'old timers' saying it's somewhat less these days, maybe 4-5 years max. Maybe Pedro is getting old?

It seems he has lived with conditions that are not ideal for bettas (the water - tap water's best, no minerals in distilled water - and infrequent water changes) so this could have shortened his span a bit.

If you make changes to the way you keep him, make them slowly. One thing I have noticed is that many new owners find the sickly fish from a dirty cup in the store gets sicker, instead of improving right away in his shiny, clean, warm new tank. I think they get shocked by too many changes all at once (and it sounds like he may have experienced a lot of changes in the past few months, including moving to a house where maybe the temp is less stable? or something), so maybe start by gently raising his temperature with an adjustable heater, unless you live in a very warm area, almost tropical and no sharp night-time temp drops. If you do live somewhere really warm, start by offering him clean water a little more frequently, in small amounts, so he gets used to it, and then change it more regularly to keep the ammonia down. In an unfiltered 1-gallon bowl, build up to 2 x changes a week, say 50% water change mid-week, and 100% change with a rinse of the gravel on the weekend. Adding clean water due to evaporation isn't the same as a water-change.

I can't advise on possible diseases, but I know improving his water quality will give him a hand in recovering, as will being consistently warm.

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poor thing could be getting old... try giving him a few pellets at a time, presoaked, to increase his chances of getting one, if they're too. big, crush them into smaller pieces. make sure you clean out all the uneaten ones.
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can't eat, emergency, help betta fish, help me!!!!, help!

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