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Breeding Issues

Hey everyone,

Ive got my 2 betta's Hunz(male) & Vio(female) 3weeks ago and my wife and I have been trying to get them to spawn ever since.We followed every step but it seems like he just wants to kill her.So I removed Vaio and kept her separately.After that Hunz started being moody and weak and did not build his bubble nest.So my wife suggested putting Vaio back with Hunz today and when I did that he started getting all exited and started making a new bubble nest while she swam with him.After it was completed he kept chasing her every 15-20 minutes.He got his tail split in the process when she to attacked him.Now as I am watching them both he is still looking for her and chasing her around but not snapping at her.I seriously do not know what is going on with these two.I even got two more females 4 days ago but they are kept separately.Is there something I am not doing correctly as Ive followed all the steps and even the introduction step was done correctly.Not to forget I tried the new female and he did not even react when I put her close to him even when I released her into the tank with him.I am totally out of options as I have even spoken to a Betta breeder in Kuala Lumpur where I live and purchased mine from.He just said, wait for the females belly to bloat,let the female in and watch the magic happen in 30minutes.Seriously??Help me out guys,as that advise by him sounds a too simple and scary

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Sometimes the spawning act can get pretty violent.....

Tell us more about your spawning tank, spawning method you are some pic if you can.....

How old are the breeding pair, how did you condition them and for how long, any live plants in the spawning tank.....
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Start over and recondition them. Keep every single betta separate and don't let them see each other. You can "exercise" them daily for a few minutes (remove their dividers so they can see each other). Then back to total isolation.

Use at least a 10g tank since it's your first attempt at breeding. Use tons of plants stacked in 1 half or 1 corner of the tank for the female's getaway in case the male gets too aggressive. Try to make it in such a way that they will have difficulty getting through the plants. That way the male can't follow the female when she darts into them to hide. Float something at the opposite end or you could use cover on top of it, where the male will nest
*** This is not an Asian method. Many Asian breeders would use a 1g bare tank and just toss the pair in. But this may result in the death of the female.

When tank has been set up and conditioning period is complete, place the male in the breeding tank. Float the female. They MUST "flirt" swim, indicating that they're ready to breed. Let the female float for a day or two to reduce her injury .... specially if you're not using a lot of plants/hideouts. The male should build a nest. But don't worry if he doesn't. Just make sure they're both flirting and not fighting. Once you release the female, let nature take it's course which could get violent. They should spawn between 1-3 days.

Good Luck
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