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Need Advice on Treating Velvet!

Ive been treating my betta for ick and velvet, ick is gone but some velvet is still apparent on his gills, He's been on AQ salt 2+tsp/gal for 8 days and I plan to take him off tomorrow, He's also been on betta revive for 5 days and Im also going to stop treatment in2 days in fear of causing damage to his health. He hasnt shown any negative reactions to the salt. Since Im taking the advice of the treatment instructions from the forum and the betta revive package

what should I do if his velvet isnt gone by the end of the treatment? I really cant stand i see him in this eerie looking bluish water any more, I feel like he's beathing poison :(

Using stress coat and nyc tap water. I add aa small bag of roobis to his tank everyday for tannins.
Temperature is at constant 80-81.
Ive kept him covered for the majority of the past week ti diminish light exposure.
Water is changed Atleast once a day, since he doesnt seem to mind the water changes.
feeding him 7 days a week 4 hikari biogold/ day 2 pellets/feeding.
No sign of clamped fins or anything, just speckles of gold on his gills when i Shine a light on it. He's also regrowing the tip of his tails from a previous tail rot.

I was keeping a treatment journal in another thread, but i probably wouldnt get any responses if i pisted the question there...

today I had a chance to visit the shop where my friend bought him, the betta were in tinnnnnnnnny bowls and all of them either hand some kind of disease pr obviously dying/ near dead. I asked the cashier how often the water was changed, he said 3 times every week. I guess the little guy I have now is luky to be where he is right now. He came to me 3 weeks ago, if my friend didnt buy him for me as a present, I think he'd be some poor fiah carcass sprouting fungi by now....
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