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I personally LOVE ghost shrimp... I got 3 on Saturday and they're just so fascinating. They clean themselves (They SCRUB themselves all over with their little "hands".... how cute can it get??), they pick around, and they like to climb on plants ^_^
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To be honest, I think bettas, African dwarf frogs, shrimp and snails are the only fish that should be in a 5 gallon tank. Bettas are solitary so you don't have to worry about room for an entire school. African dwarf frogs do well alone and can be kept as a pair in a 5 gallon if both are male or one is male and one is female (2 females get a bit large to share a 5 gallon). Shrimp and snails would have a field day in 5 gallons.

As far as a "5 gallon community tank" is concerned, this is my list.
Shrimp Colony
1 betta + shrimp (Shrimp have small bioloads, but don't go overboard)
1 betta + snails (snails have huge bioloads for their size)
2 male African Dwarf Frogs (pushing the bioload a bit ^_^;)
1 betta + 1 African Dwarf Frog

But that's just my opinion. I like to give my fish more than just enough swimming room so I always understock my tanks a bit. :)
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