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Male and female together?

I have had a male betta for a little over 6 months now. Recently I purchased a female to place in the tank with him. I have read on a few places that they aren't supposed to be placed in the same aquarium together unless you are breeding them and then remove one or the other. Well, before I read all that I put them in the same tank together. I have yet to see them fight each other. They don't seem to have much interest in one another either. The male is somewhat of a weenie. She does go up to him like shes sniffing him (like a dog) but doesn't flare or get agressive. I have seen her rub up against him as well. The only time I have seen him flare up at her is when she scared him by going into the same cave as he did. I honestly don't see why they can't be in the same tank, but I have come to you guys for some advice. If they shouldn't be in the same aquarium I can move one, that's not a problem.
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It is not recommended because bettas are unpredictable and territorial, and you are either going to end up with an accidental spawn or a severely maimed/dead male or female.

I had a male living in my sorority peacefully for a year. There was a female he didn't particularly like, but the aggression never amounted to anything more than chasing and a few nips.

The other day I found him floating at the top of the tank almost dead with his fins completely shredded. He is recovering nicely now, but I nearly lost one of my favourite fish.

I would never even attempt what I have with a single male and female pair. That is trouble waiting to happen.
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+1 to Little BettaFish. (:
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They may also be too stressed by the presence of another betta that they can't get away from to try and fight yet, but there is such a risk of it happening in the future that I really wouldn't risk it.

There is also a risk that the male hormones in the water will cause the female to become eggy, possbile egg-bound (which is fatal).
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