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Unhappy Boo got into a fight :(

Well first off let me say that I don't know how it happen, but my poor betta somehow got past the divider in my 8 gal tank and I think got into a fight with my other betta Spirit. The divider was still in place and reached from the bottom of the tank under the gravel to the lid at the very top and was siliconed in place. My heart stopped when I walked into the back room and noticed him on the wrong side of the tank resting at the top! Now I'm not sure if Spirit did the damage or if he did it to himself while managing to get to the other side, prob the combination of both, but most of his tail is either missing or shredded to bits :.(. I hurried up and moved him to another tank and put in some Atison's Betta Spa, stress coat, and Maracyn Plus. After moving him and calming myself down I also noticed some scales missing on his body too. The fist day he was kinda slow moving and didn't eat, however after the second day he seems to be doing better. Today he even made a rather large bubble nest and has been swimming and eating happily! But my question is will he survive? The damaged is really bad and he's missing about 85% of his fin.... I've been doing 40% water changes and have him in a 1.5 gal tank w/o a filter because I'm afraid that the current might irritate his nearly gone tail. Oh and the top tail, what is left, is white (should be blue)! Any tips would be so helpful and I'm not sure if I should be treating him differently. I really hope he'll pull through, but i'm just not sure because of the damage and because he's easily gotten tail rot in the past.

Current Tank information:
1.5 gal tank currently doesn't have a filter but I have a small one on hand
Doing 30% / 40% water changes daily
Treated with stress coat, Atison's Betta Spa and maracyn plus
Heater set to 78 F to 80 F
2 silk plants and a cave to hide in with gravel at bottom
No ammonia found and levels are stable

Fish Info:
Blue male veiltail
Has history with tail rot where as other betta treated under same conditions has never shown any trouble
Severely damaged tail that is white at top and has some scales missing
Swimming fine, making bubble nests and is eating.... usually greets me with a flare when upset but hasn't done so lately
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damaged tail, fight, scales missing, white tail

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