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Old 03-15-2012, 09:09 PM   #11 
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Dol flares at just about anything, even though it took him a while to get out of the timid stage. He also does what I call "blowing kisses." When I take off his lid to feed him/move stuff around/do water changes, he's been known to swim up to the surface and blow a bubble.
And Morpheus...Morpheus is a goof. He clearly never had a "timid" stage. I've so far seen him charge his cave, his thermometer, and one of his plants. He's the only non-goldfish I've ever seen try to both eat and charge at his gravel substrate. Not at the same time, of course. Haha.
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Your betta sounds so much fun! : D
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Old 03-18-2012, 02:20 AM   #13 
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I am so pleased to read all of your posts, I thought I was the only weird one because I sit for hrs sometime just watching my BETTA.

Mine also know the food container, when I walk into the room they always swim to the front of the tank and watch me, if I kneel in front of them they stare back at me staring at them Lol

I must say mine all have the same little quirk, I am not sure if it normal or not, but they all do this.
If I put bubbles in, like an air stone, they swim and roll and do all sorts of stupid things through these bubbles.
With just the filters running making a water fall on the top of the tank, they get under the water fall and let themselves be swooshed down and around, they keep going back for more until they are worn out, then they just float and rest.

Mine hate the net, if they see the net for catching them they cower and try to hide, they swim around my hands as well, so if at any time I need to move them I just cup them in my hand and lift them into wherever I am moving them; they don't panic and try to get away, they just let me pick them up, I am very gentle when handling them.

The playing in the bubbles amuses me no end.
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Old 03-18-2012, 10:18 AM   #14 
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I love this thread! Everyone's fishies are such individuals, so here's mine. Where do I start lol? Well they all know all three food containers and all like my finger...sorry this will be long...

Patrick- He's my oldest, but he's sure not the slowest. He swims frantically at the side of the tank when I'm near no matter what the time it is. Then once he's swan against the tank for a good minute he zooms around and flares at the gravel. I have multiple pictures of him looking down and being all big a beautiful. He's also a little hog! Tries to eat everything he comes across. Oh and introducing him to a snail was hilarious! He of course would swim up on it so fast and then stop, which would cause the snail to hide. Then he would try to get under the snail's shell because he knows its under there...

Walter-He's my only VT boy but I loves him. He's pretty lazy all things considered. He's always wedged in some plant passed out, especially after my attempt at breeding with him. He knows feeding time but doesn't care, the food will be dropped in regardless of what he does.

Smith-My confused one! I bought him as a "her" and since then he's changed so much! He's like that little kid that runs runs runs then passes out. I guess that's normal because he's my youngest :P He loves to build bubble nests an inch out of the water and is currently working on his biggest one yet. He also goes nuts when ever he can see me, unless there's a female in his presence, then he doesn't care.

Big Red-My ex fighter (suspected) giant. She's huge compared to my biggest boy, but she's my sweetest girl. She'll just sit at the side of her tank and watch, content not making fuss about it. I've taught her how to jump and hit my finger for a treat :P and she'll do it almost every time. She's also super patient when it comes to feeding time.

Velvet- My last one. She's a sweetie but she super energetic. She swims all around her cage looking for missed foods and when she doesn't find any she looks at you like "feed me". She loves people, so much so that when I'm trying to watch them for breeding she pays more attention to me than the male. She loves her mama :P

Well those are my fishies :p I'm hoping i'll have some babies to write about soon
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Old 03-19-2012, 04:05 AM   #15 
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I didn't expect this to be a hit.

I got Kratos a heater (finally) last week and I swear this fish is on speed ever since. Non stop swimming around, digging at his gravel for who knows what, or simply staring at it. I spend more time watching him then I do whatever I suppose to do on the PC. I see him (my bed is facing my desk, and Kratos's bowl is on the left hand side near the edge, so I have a good view of him from my bed) darting around his bowl every morning, waiting for me to get up.

My brother's girlfriend (who introduced me to Betta's) got a new Betta, and she keeps telling me he is boring compared to mine. I just sit their laughing. Goes to show each fish DOES have different personalities, and reading from what people wrote proves it.
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