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fish i rescued last night doesnt look too good

I picked him up from Walmart last night he was in a cold water cup looking sick. He has a little bit of tail rot and some sort of fungus looking thing? He either has a fungus or his scales are peeling off I can't tell. I tried to get a pic of him but I can't get that either. He looks like he may be bloated too. I had to acclimate him to the tank a little quicker than usually he wasnt doing good in the cup at all. I did it over an hour. Now hes In a clean 2.7 gallon tank filtered and heated. The only time he swims is to get air. He's got stress coat in there with him and aq salt I also put a 1/2 tsp epsom for constipation. What can the fungus looking stuff be. It's on the front sides of him. But I can't tell if its fungus or dead scales. What should I do? I really want to help him live
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I would turn off the filter for now and lower the water level if needed if he is having trouble getting to the top-turn off the light and cover the top with plastic veggie wrap to retain heat/humidity for the labyrinth organ....

I would premix some Epsom salt 3tsp/gal in a 1gal jug of dechlorinated water and use this for 25% water changes every 15min for 1hour today-then 50% every other day. If you have a tannin source-either IAL or dried Oak leaf-add this to the premixed jug of treatment water and some to the tank.

Right now you need to work on the stress level to get his immune response perked back up-since he is new with multi problems-it may be best to leave him in the tank without the filter for treatment instead of QT'ing him in the small cup he came in-don't remove him for the water changes...less handling the better......

Nutrition is going to be really important at this stage too....if you have access to mosquito larva-offer some rinsed several times a day.....if not good quality varied diet in small frequent meals.....

Good luck....
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Can I start that every 15 mins later today I'm about to leave for class? I'll lower the levels now and put some epsom in
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