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Old 03-16-2012, 04:49 PM   #21 
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I've never used them, but theres things like daphnia, grindal worms, banana worms, walter worms. Not sure if any of those are the same thing, but I know those are more popular fry foods. I had a recent spawn of 218, but its down to 180, so the numbers can go down quite a bit. If you're looking for some nice canadian fish, I'd suggest Canada Betta (Ontario area, you have to translate the page, it's in french -_-), Or Canadian Aqua Farm in BC Maple Ridge I believe. I've got a few males from him because I'm closer than Canada Betta. Good luck!
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If I haven't already asked this I would like to know 2 things:

Would removing the female before she releases all of her eggs be a good thing to help curb the fry spawned?


Would leaving the dad with the fry be better. I heard that he'll cull the weak fry, cause less fighting among males by acting as the alpha and the fry males will become better fathers etc. What do you think?

Also, would starting a small scale breeding operation make it so you earn a little money after a while selling HIGH quality halfmoon bettas right from the beginning?
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The things you are asking is a matter of opinion. What works best for one may not work best for another.
I prefer to remove the female once the spawning is done. The male I leave in until the fry are free swimming. He will cull any bad eggs and weak fry before he has been removed.
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I would let the spawning finish because many eggs will naturally be infertile, especially for inexperienced fish, and also because you WILL have a die off. If you stop them early, you won't get as many strong, healthy eggs and fry, so the die off will leave you with even fewer good, strong fry to choose from. Your best bet is to cull out the weak, small, deformed etc fry yourself.

Tpocicat is right, this is all opinion and asking everyone what they think about breeding practices likely won't get your any closer to a hard answer.
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