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Question Traveling questions

My husband and I are planning a couple trips over the summer months where I don't know if we would need to get a sitter for our fish. After reading some threads here, I've learned that fish should fast for a day during the week.

Our first trip would be for a weekend, leave on Friday back on Sunday. I could feed them before I leave on Friday and once I returned Sunday.

Our second trip would be roughly a week. We would have a partial water change before we left but wouldn't know what to do about feeding. For instance to have a sitter come by once or twice in a day.

Lastly, the room we have the aquarium in does receive a fair amount of natural light. So if we didn't have the lamp hooked up would that be acceptable. For instance on that weekend trip or even removed it for the week long trip.
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The betta should be fine for the weekend long break. Just feed them as normal when you leave and when you get back. They should be fine a day or two.

How big is your tank? The size may require at least one full water change during the week-long break.

There is something called "Vacation Feeders," and some made especially for betta. I have not used them yet, but I know there are 3 and 7 day long feeders. It disintegrates over time and feeds the boys. I know they are notorious for making the water filthy, but I hear it works. I see mine at Petsmart.

Hopefully someone with more experience/advice could help you out. :)
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While leaving them without food for a week isn't ideal, it is a better alternative to getting a vacation feeder as they are notorious for dirtying up the water. Vacation feeders are just blocks of food that slowly decay in the water, and automated feeders are notorious for feeding too much (I've had experience with this firsthand). If your tanks normally need a partial water change halfway through the week I would never think about getting a vacation feeder as it will increase the amount of waste significantly. Just make sure you feed your boys well before leaving and do a large water change the day you leave. Or the day before works, too.

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I have a 10 g tank with my boy 2 plants and 6 tetras. Because of the distance, I wouldn't be able to change the water that day, but I can do it the night prior.
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You should be fine. I took a 5 day trip and my massively overstocked tank lasted just fine with no food and no changes for that time. I just did a 1/3 change before I left and another when I returned. :) I probably should have done more, but ammonia levels still weren't high.
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