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Old 02-16-2008, 03:45 PM   #1 
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first-timer with fish

My friend got me a beautiful betta fish for my 18th birthday 2 weeks ago.

He came with a tiny tank(half a gallon?) and a plastic plant.

My brother bought me a 1 gallon tank, gravel, and a banana plant so I put them together and it looks really good.

An air pump and lighting top came with the tank but I'm not using the air pump right now.

I don't have a filter, salt or any other accessories except food pallets and water conditioner.

I light the top on and leave it during the night when it might get cold.

I feed him once or twice a day about 7 pallets.

I change the water every 5-7days.

He swims around, plays around the plastic plant, eats well, etc.

Hope I'm doing fine... I'll take advices!:)

does anyone know anything about banana plants?

Sometimes it gets this clear mucous looking thingy around it

I wonder if that's a ok thing.

And my fish has this white fin tip on its ventral fin(the one right under its chin?)

I dont think it's a fin rot but I read something about it but can't remeber..

maybe it was something about mating time...

thanx for reading
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Old 02-16-2008, 06:25 PM   #2 
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having a filter is always better but as long as you keep up with your water changes you should be fine without one. make sure that his fins dont catch on the plastic plant and rip (to make sure a plant is safe run a stocking along it... if the stocking catches so will your bettas fins) you shouldnt have to leave the light on at night... i dont think it makes a huge heat change and it might make it harder for your fish to "sleep". the only other thing you might want to think about getting are some testing strips to make sure that the ammonia is under control. sounds like you are doing a pretty good job for a first timer! :D
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Old 02-17-2008, 10:25 AM   #3 
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Hello kyjm37 and welcome to the forum,

You might also want to consider a thermometer and heater.

Bettas need a temperature between 76 and 80F a little higher is OK but lower is not. Eventually the lower than 76F will take its toll on the Betta, and will stress and weaken them. Fluctuating temperatures will do the same.

A thermometer in the tank will allow you to monitor the tank temps. and you can remove it and use it at water changings to get the temp. of the new water correct before placing it in the tank.

A heater will allow you to get the tank temp. right where you want it to be, and should if working properly, hold your tank temp. steady.

Ref. the pellets, 7 might be a bit much, not positive on this, but in reading other posts, seems 4-5 pellets a day for one betta is usually recommended.
What brand betta pellets are you using?

Also varying their diet is good, you might want to consider 3 or 4 freeze dried blood worms 2x a week, and or some frozen or freeze dried brine shrimp. ( The blood worms are very good for them but should be fed as treats, to many can cause digestive problems).

If in the future you should find some spare cash in you pocket , a ten gallon tank $9.98 at some stores, would be very good for your boy.

Hope this helps some and enjoy your Betta!
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Old 02-17-2008, 10:44 AM   #4 
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You need a heater. Bettas need tropical temperatures of 76 or more degrees, and just keeping the light on wont be enough. Fish also need day and light periods like humans.

As mentioned, a thermometer would help as well.

Bettas like pellets. Mine actually loves them, but you still need to vary his diet. This means using freeze-dried/frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, or black worms.

You don't need a filter in such a small tank. Yes it helps, but there are only a few filters that fit on that tank. If you are good wth frequent water changes, you are fine without a filter.
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Old 02-18-2008, 01:45 PM   #5 
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in my last post i forgot to mention something about the tank... like stillwater said you might want to look into getting a tank thats a bit larger like a 5-10g. i wasnt sure about the food but thought that 7 pellets might be a bit much too. when i had a betta i would try to give him frozen brine shrimp but when i put it in it was like he couldnt see it. it would fall to the bottom and he would be looking for it at the top, why was that?
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