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weird changing in colour and other things

Hey guys, I was wondering... I have this cellophane male veiltail and he had a severe case of finrot... Which luckily he pulled through even after losing almost all his finnage, but now his fins have grown back and they are changing colour, now I got him when he was pretty small and the reason for the finrot was he jumped out of his tank and was probably out for quite some time, I thought he was dried up but when I went to pick him up he started flopping... Then he got finrot but has recovered nicely, but I've noticed these silver/grey colour extending from the base of his tail till the edge, he is acting normally and eats properly and I'm wondering what could be wrong if anything? Or is he just growing into his colour??

Another question is I bought 2 crowntail females, one is cellophane and the other is a beautiful blue but they are pretty smale and don't seem to be growing? Are crowntails generally smaller?? I'm not talking about finnage but body size...

My other female betta is huge and looks pretty much black with red and blue in her tail finnage, she is huuuge, I got her when she was tiiiiny and now she is my biggest female and is very active, always at the front of the tank first and is always swimming and first to food..but she shows almost no interest in my males when put in her sight, can she just be very fussy? She doesn't get vertical lines like the others do...

So I'm wondering cause I can't find any help elsewhere about the weird colour change, over active A.D.D Female and I also want to know if the fish in my profile picture is a Super Delta like the pet shop said? Has a brilliant aqua coloured tail when a light is shined on him and his name is Comet, thanks guys :) oh I also have a community tank but am scared to put my females together as they are much smaller then the active female, pretty much half her size...? What can I do? Wait for them to grow bigger?
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As far as your cellophane male, keep his water a little cleaner than usual with maybe an extra 50% change during the week to see if it's a rot or just coloring. If it doesn't improve with the water changes, it's most likely just coloring. I had a cellophane female who was pretty small, but now she's a good size and changes from black to purple all the time (She's a marble in terms of color).

For your crown tail females, I've noticed they're generally a little smaller than veils or halfmoons, but I've only had experience with crown tail males. It may or may not be different with females as well as the nutrition they received as fry and during their adolescence.

It's generally a good idea to have females of relatively the same size with each other if you're planning a sorority (4+ females too depending on tank size), but smaller females can hold their own if the bigger females are calmer. I've got my marble female who's relatively big in with two females that are less than half her size because she isn't very aggressive and tends to just want to look at things. It mostly depends on the levels of aggression and activity for when you have a sorority. There will always be chasing and nipping though.
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I have found my CT female is smaller than my PK female who I think is still growing, and my newest VT female. I have had my CT for a few years and she didn't grow much in fact the little she did grow went unoticed for a long time cause it was so little. I would wait to put them in and see if they grow, but if after a month or two their is no growth I would maybe not put them together or if you do monitor very closely.
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Well I've been watching him and his tail is covered even more and now his bottom fin is getting streaks now too... So I don't know, its a deep grey colour??... Also I think maybe my crowntails and this male are very young got them from the same store... But I'm not sure... I don't know if my females will go together in my big tank as my one female is way bigger than the rest of my females
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It might be just a color change. I though Smith was loosing his fins too, they started to get dark looking, but nope. He just wanted them red I guess lol. Something seems to change on him at least once a week. I would say as long as he's eating and swimming fine he's probably feeling fine
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