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Possiable Pine-cone/dropsy

After looking at him in the cup from above I noticed some scales sticking out in the pine-cone manner, and the "paled" spots turned out to be scales missing.

Pine-coning means dropsy, right? Oh dear....What do you do for dropsy?

-end edit-

My foster betta, Blackbird, has started to loose his color in patches, I have no idea whats causing it, all of the other betta's are fine.

I've had him little over 2 months, and the past week he started acting strange.

He's lost his color around his tail, and has started to get patches around his body. He's also missing part of his upper lip.

I have no idea what he's done to himself or whats wrong. I have him in a cup right now on treatment for finrot (been using aquarium salt), I'm not putting anymore salt in until I figure out whats wrong.

He didn't eat anything today, and has been floating awkwardly.

Any ideas to whats wrong?

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Hello out there.....I need some advice betta was happy and healthy.....then I moved and he had a bit more light on his tank than usual and the algae started....fixed the light situation and cleaned the algae out of tank...did I clean too much?? Cause the little guy started acting not well....sitting on the bottom for short periods of time....or laying on leaves where he usually hangs out....eating on pellet a day as opposed to his 3 in the am and 3 in the pm.....then I noticed a white smooth patch in the middle of his chest area....discussed with pet store and looked up info online....came to the conclusion it was bacterial....he's been on Furnan-2 for four days with a small improvement but still not himself and still acting off. The improvement I've noticed is he is not sitting at the bottom anymore....and is eating a few more pellets a day....white patch still there though?? So I'm going to continue with a second dose as the package says. Any input would be appreciated thanks!
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@ little nibnles, you definitely need to take some photos so ur fishie cam be diagnosed. Im mot a dropsy expert but teviews on betta revive says its been known to cure dropsy(and nothing else it claims to) there is a sticky thst has medications you need for dropsy in this forum. DO NOT put the nloated fish on aquarium salt, if you are sure it is dropsy, put hom on epsom salt instead. it will help drain the fluids. Im nit sure about the dosage
, u can try googling that a bit :) good luck!

@ blurboy - white patch thay ate not fuzzy could be natural coloring. keep his temperature at around 76-80, he could be lethargic. a picture can hel greatly
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