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My water does come out extremely bubbly - almost fizzy - but again, stirring it and then pouring it slowly gets rid of all of them in my water.
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Originally Posted by Bombalurina View Post
My water does come out extremely bubbly - almost fizzy - but again, stirring it and then pouring it slowly gets rid of all of them in my water.
Your post made me realize - I stir mine quite well when preparing it for the tank. I do not believe that just pouring a few ml of conditioner in is instantly going to make all the water safe, so usually mix it around with my hand for about a minute.

I don't think i have ever had bubbles using premixed water... Thinking hard, I have only had serious bubbles form when I was setting up a tank for the first time and poured the water in first then added conditioner. (And didn't stir it much or at all)

I would think that stirring the water for a minute or two is enough to release the gases. Gas escapes from water very readily - the same slight agitation on the surface that helps oxygenate the water will let any added CO2 escape in a matter of minutes. (Something that is a big deal if you are doing a planted tank.)

A bit of research on the gas bubble disease shows that it happens in a matter of minutes, not hours or days, and that water will not continue to be supersaturated unless it is continually agited to that level. It is common more in large scale situations, such as below waterfalls and dams where the water is constantly churned. In aquariums, running high pressure tap water directly into the tank will also do it... But putting water in a bucket and stirring it around or putting it into a bottle and giving it a few shakes will release the gas.

If you are preparing your water before you put it into your tank, I don't think it would be a problem. If you do 100% water changes and add your conditioner with minimal stirring, then it might become an issue.

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert, and this info is gleaned from about 15 minutes of online research. )
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For arguments sake (haha) I do 100% changes only on all my tanks with water that's not left to sit. I add conditioner, stir for about 45seconds and add. I have city treated water, I don't know if that makes a difference. Also the pipes in a house make a difference. My old apt, the water was horrid. My last apartment, the water wasn't safe to drink. This apartment seems ok.
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bubbles from tap water clings to the glass inside my tanks. I get a turkey baster and blast them off the walls :D
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The funny part is that I went on my water district website to find the hardness of my water and I found a question page that had this on it. Chlorine will be evaporated, but they don't use chlorine any more, they use chlormine. So you still need water conditioner.

Mr. Vampire for they Python how do you add conditioner before added to the tank water with the python and similar water changes?
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My water pressure is immense and I've not had a problem. I use a mixer tap because like pitluvs I have a daughter and cats and can't risk the water getting contaminated by curious kitties with litter and who knows what else on their feet and an almost perminatly grubby fingered toddler splashing about in it. I run the water very slowly through the filter and always without fail use water conditioner. I always thought the water standing was to get the temp stabilised and to let dechlorinator do it's job before putting it in the tank.
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How on earth would you get the water back up to the right temp if it's been left out? I did this last summer when my house was 90 degrees in August and I had just gotten my first betta.
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