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New betta is sick, help!

I'm in a sticky situations. I have a divided 5 gallon, filtered and heated tank with two male bettas. At first it was only home to one betta, but I had bought a new one at the store and had it temporarily in a small tank on my desk until my other heater would arrive. It took too long for the heater to come, and my happy active new betta suddenly became a bit lethargic (after two weeks). I though it was the cold, so divided the five gallons three days ago.

Turns out, the new betta has ick/ich and was becoming more lethargic, so I turned up the heater slowly yesterday until I got to 89F to kill off the ick.
Today the white betta is super lethargic, still has the ick, and now his fins are rotting away.

I'm worried for my older betta. Today my heater is finally coming so I'm separating the healthy boy into a three gallon and going to look for methylene blue to prevent anything he might have caught.

What can I do about the new betta? If he dies, how can I disinfect the aquarium/gravel/filter/heater/decorations?
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Sena Hansler
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turning up the heat will not kill the ich. it will make the cycle go faster.... you need aquarium salt and dose BOTH betta fish. 1 teaspoon per gallon WARNING: DISSOLVE THE SALT BEFORE ADDING TO THE TANK. every a few hours, up the dose until you come to 3 teaspoons per gallon which may a day or so to reach that safely. the heat speeds up the ich cycle, the salt dehydrates and kills the ich. the salt also boosts the fish's immune system. another warning: REMOVE ALL LIVE PLANTS. aquarium salt will kill your live plants.

but in the chance he dies, you can thoroughly wash the tank easy. take out the gravel, into a strainer in a bucket or bowl. half pure white vinegar and half boiling water mix, stir with a wooden or large spoon. rinse thoroughly, 3 or more times with hot water, and at least a couple times with cold water. make sure to get all vinegar out! same with fake plants and ornaments. swish hot water and vinegar mix in the tank, scrub down, rinse very well, and there ya have it. a clean tank. some people use bleach, but vinegar is safer and plus if you are allergic to bleach it is a great alternative.
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