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A lot of bettas do like to snack on shrimp, but the shrimp learn pretty quickly to move out of the way and go into hiding. You just need to make sure that the cover is dense enough for them to have hiding spots. Little caves that a betta can't get into, heaps of java moss, live plants etc are all really good for shrimp to hide in.
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Alrighty thanks everybody: well I came back from job training and the shrimpies had found their way through the divider in the tank into Winnipeg's side. They squeezed through a shrimp-sized spot on either side. I spotted only one of my two shrimp when I first came in the room, and now I see neither. Hopefully they're hiding. Winnipeg didn't seem to notice the one I did see as curiously as she noticed him when I popped them in this morning. I'll leave the divided side there in case they are survivors and can be a refuge. Whoops...
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