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Hopefully this one works..

Hi Bombalurina, I live in the Brisbane region. We've got a fish store really close by which is where I got Tully from.
The water purifier is Seachem "betta basics". The food is PennPlax. The salt doesn't have a brand. I'll have a look for the Prime stuff next time I'm there.
I've been changing the water twice a week (50% midweek and 100% on weekends).
Thanks for the suggestions on tanks, I wasn't sure what were good in Australia!

aokashi, that's great that your pet store knew so much! It's scary that these people are responsible for so many little critters' lives while there in-store and yet they know little to nothing about some breeds!

Thanks for making me feel welcome, guys!
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Yeah you get really good information on here, just remember no salt unless he has a disease and someone tells you you need Aqua Salt.

Do you have a thermometer?
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Betta Basics is pretty good - it's basically a less concentrated version of Prime with a buffering agent. Prime is a bit better, IHMO, but BB isn't at all bad. :)

Hm, I'm not familiar with PennPlax food (just with their dreadful tanks).

Your water-change schedule is bang-on.

Tully is an absolute stunner, and his bowl looks very pretty! I think he's a delta tail. Just be careful - not only does an open top allow for evaporation, it also lets bettas jump. A bit of Gladwrap over the top with a couple of holes poked in it may not look classy, but it stops both of these problems. :)
I'd also suggest a little more decor - bettas really enjoy having places to hide. :)
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Kfryman, no I don't have a thermometer yet.

Bombalurina, I've bought a cave since this picture was taken. Originally I didn't think he liked it because he didn't go near it at all. But I've started spotting him in the cave every now and then so I guess he just needed to get used to it!

I've not spotted Tully jumping at all yet, but I'll pop some glad wrap over the top just in case.

Thanks guys!
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I found a Roman statue ornament in the dollar store with the bottom and back cut out for fishies to go in. FOr a long time I didn't want artificial decorations like mugs and stuff but this statue I have laying on its side like Bowser's in a the ruins of ancient Rome (or maybe its Greece).

That was off topic but an idea for caves. Also, the bowl and plant and fish look awesome!
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