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An Observation on Betta Personalities

I picked up a new betta today. He is now my second betta. I brought him home, set up his tank, and settled him in. He currently seems quite content!

I found it interesting how different this little guy (still unnamed) is from my first betta, Betty. When I brought Betty home, it took her a while to adjust to her new tank. It took her a long time to comfortably acclimate to the water parameters, and it took her a long time to get comfortable in the tank environment. Overall, she now has a lot of fun playing "tag" with me, but she can still be very shy.

The guy I brought home today, on the other hand, adjusted to the water change readily, and after flaring at his new plants for a while (you know, to keep them in line because those plants can be unruly!) he has settled in quite contentedly it seems, and is now calmly watching me type away.

He's also quite the little fish model! Betty is incredibly camera shy (or she just likes swimming around too much to hold still for pictures) whereas my new guy seems to just love his little time in the spotlight! Until he gets tired of it and goes to hide behind his plants. (You know, the ones he straightened out right from go. Nasty old plants. lol)

I just wanted to share. :)
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i've noticed how no two bettas ever act alike. i currently have 9 bettas, and they're all so different! Lulu's SUPER friendly with humans, while King Steve is super skittish. Pyro's way aggressive, Scout's a show-off. it's part of why i adore bettas so much. :3
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Mandy Pandy
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Their large personalities were one thing that has always drawn me to bettas. I can't wait to go get mine! (Tank cycling takes too long, darn it!)
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