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How long do Bettas live?

My fish is over 5 years old. He seems to be slowing down, really isn't interested in eating for the last couple of days, is just laying around. We already feed fresh food, not dried and I did a complete water change, added his aquarium salt, but he just seems tired. Does anyone know what their lifespan is?
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Betta can live from 2-7 years in general. It's quite the range, but it's more about genetics than care they recieved. If you want to make him more comfortable, you can lower the water level a bit. It may just be his time if there's no other signs of illness.
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Up to 10 years but generally never over 4.
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Wow! Your betta had a long life! Has there been any changes in his environment? If so, that may be the cause. Also, does he appear to be sick? If none of these are the case, it might just be time (not to make u fell bad or anything but 5 years! That's really long)
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Had??? He's not gone yet, still fighting the good fight... No, no changes in the environment, except my husband yelling at him to quit being a diva and eat, lol. The only thing that is newish is that the fresh plant I got him at Christmas had snails, that was a first. Can snails make them sick? Other than that, he doesn't appear sick or any different at all. Yes, we've had some near misses with him over he years, but I guess even if it is his time, he had a great life, had his hammock, his plants, his food fed to him by tweezers, OMG, he's too funny.
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