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I am on my phone and thus cant see the pic of the tank itself. My post was simply to say that bettas are not killing machines to all fish, and that a community tank with a betta is quite beautiful. So is sand, while we're talking about it. I like it better than gravel, that's for sure. However, point being, the OP doesnt need to completely rule out tank mates just by dint of her betta being a betta. I added fish to my ten gallon and my betta is still very happy in his home. He flashes his fins sometimes at my guppies, but everyone gets along fine, no one chases anyone or tries to hurt anyone.
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Also, marbles would be fine for bigger cories like bronzes, Mo. Besides, a substrate isn't hard to change.

But if the OP wants to divide, that's cool. :) I'd just do two males, in that case.
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Do what u want! I agree on the sand bottom with cory's, marbles are a tricky bottom dressing... Lot of un-eaten food. No tetra's in my opinion they r fin nippers sometimes! Maybe a smaller style catfish raphael or banjo or any that can't swallow the betta!
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I love banjo catfish. But good luck seeing one in your tank, they will squeeze under something and only come out at night ;) they are tiny enough to have several in a 20 though.
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Any of the small, fast moving tetras are ok
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