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How do I care for my betta??

I have had my betta for around 3 months, and have been cleaning it out every week, sometimes forgetting to because all the stress of school.
I just thought that i should see exactly what i should be doing.
My tank is 3.5 gallons (14 litres), it has a hang on filter (i think that is what it is called and i have the dial on the lowest strength flow. The heater keeps the tank at 76-77degrees(24 to 25 degrees Celsius) there are rocks at the bottom, a larger rock in which leans against the wall of the tank so he can hide behind it, and two artificial plants.
When i clean his tank i use ager, conditioner and some aquarium salt.
I feed him one pellet in the morning and one at night.

How exactly should i clean his tank and how do i feed him?

Thank you!
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I think you're doing a good job :)

I'd just buy a gravel vacuum to get gunk out during weekly water changes.
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2 pellets per day is a bit too little I think.

Try giving him four pellets per day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Also don't use AQ salt, Bettas are freshwater fish, only use AQ salt when you're fighting a disease/parasite/whatever. Prolonged exposure to AQ salt can be bad over the long run. . .

Water changes, I recommend 2 50% water changes, once with a gravel vacuum, and the other just water.

Other than that you're doing fine I believe.
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That's really good to hear. I shall start to feed him more pellets.
I was using AQ salt to help him get through fin rot(probably should have included that in my first post), and i think he is just getting over it now, so I shall stop putting it in.
I'll go out and try to buy a gravel vacuum this week.
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