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Originally Posted by thekoimaiden View Post
I use Prime and also fill my tanks with one gallon jugs. If you know someone who is diabetic, I would grab a new (not used) syringe and use that to dose. It's 10 units per gallon of water which is equivalent to .1 mL. My mother is a math teacher who loves to do these kinds of funky calculations, so we worked it out one night. If you can't, I think you will have better luck getting a 10 gallon bin and dosing with prime in that. That's the downside to using a highly concentrated water conditioner. You could also switch to API's brand. It's less concentrated and also removes ammonia from the tap water, but I don't know about the heavy metals.

You can use the brand new Prime. I don't understand why you think it would be dangerous unless it's after the "best by" date. Unless your water has some real baddies in it, you don't need to age it either. Add Prime and done.

I know i am also too dramatic. And I think too much lol May be your mom can confirm that i am right since she is math teacher :)

Ok guys you tell me if i am wrong or right. Example:

1) 50 ml treats 500 us gallons-directions use 2 drops for each 4 L (1 US GALL)

2) 100 ml threats 1000 us gallons -directions 1 capful (5 ml) fir eacg 200 L (50 GALL)

3) 250 ml treats 2500 gallons directions 1 cupful (5 ml) for each 200 L (50 GALLONS)

So my point is that it all the same concentration of the Prime just with different directions because the bottles are bigger. But it still 2 drops a gall. for all of them.

I think i am right??
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They would all come out to the same measurements for how much to add, if that's what you mean?

What tank size are we talking about in the original post?

I'm one of those weird people who likes math and playing with numbers: I'd be happy to help figure it out. If it's a smaller tank, however, about two "drops" from an eye dropper (don't force it) would probably work fine -- I use an eye dropper and just put in 6-8 drops or so per tank, intentionally overdosing since it won't do any harm. I like the idea of the 1mL syringe though, I might have to look into getting my hands on one of those...
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lol no you just confirmed what i thought. Thank you.
The original post was that someone using it for one gall. So it would be 2 drops per gall. Thank you very much :)

So BETTACHKA you can use big bottle and it the same measurements how much to add for bigger bottle.
The only thing the big bottles don't have that dropper lid.
But it so convenient you can just replaced the dropper lid from the small one it fits all bottles.

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I use Prime and just estimate... it's hard to overdose, and a lot of people recommend doing a full tank dosage for each water change anyway (even though it's not a 100% change). I use gallon jugs and just pour a bit of Prime into the cap, then dump a few drops into the gallon jug and shake it up (and put whatever's left in the cap back in the Prime bottle, of course). Never had any problems that way and it's been over a year of that in 4 fish tanks 'cause I make my mom do that now, too, lol. And the Prime still lasts forever. woooo
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Location: Upstate NY
Ah, I didn't see a tank size, and by the time I responded I forgot that the question was more related to the bottle size. But, yes, it would be the same dosage regardless of the size of the bottle.

It might be easier to just keep refilling the small bottle maybe? That way you can still use the dropper lid as you normally would (might get difficult after a while with the larger bottles). But, yea, a large bottle would last forever -- I always recommend Prime at work because it's top-quality and ends up being less expensive in the long run because you only need a little bit at a time (people like that part).
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Sweet. I have the big bottle and have been wondering how much to use for the smaller tanks
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the size of the lids on both bottles are the same, so you can just move the dropper lid onto the bigger bottle.
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