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Hi Everyone,
What kind of water should I use for my Betta when I first get it? Im getting a fishbowl and new to a Betta fish so I was just wondering so I wouldnt end up accidentally killing the fish. Also anyone have any ideas for a female fish color? Thanks yall! :)
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Regular tap water is fine to use for your betta as long as you use some sort of water conditioner that removes chlorine and heavy metals. I recommend Prime by Seachem.

Ideally you want a tank that is at least 2.5 gallons. You will also need a heater and a thermometer to keep the water between 78-80F (that is my preference anyway, some say higher or lower).

Doing frequent water changes of 1 50% and 1 100% a week will ensure your betta will stay healthy with clean water.

All of these things will make him live happily ever after
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+1 to FlyingX's advice. :) I also suggest making sure your tank or bowl has a lid, as bettas can and do jump. :)
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+1 to both. Seriously, get a proper tank -- with filter and heater -- as soon as you can!

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As the others said. The bigger the tanks, the better off your fish will be. but, being a fish bowl and all..
Tap water will be just fine. Just get you a water conditioner to take out the harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Spring water is not necessarily good for them. It has Nothing in it. althought they need clean water, they still need some of the beneficial nutrients that come from tapwater. Use conditioner as directed on the label.
Also, Walmart, and many other pet stores sell "Betta Water" which is formulated specifically for bettas. The biggest bottle ive seen so far is 1 liter... at about 2.00/bottle. A more cost effective way is your conditioner. A big bottle in my area runs me about 7.00. Lasts for say 250gallons. (Not sure exactly) Hope this helps.
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