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A crazy question

Now before anyone even mentions that I should/shouldn't do this know that right off the bat I don't plan to do this, it's a question that is peaking my interests.

Can you interbreed the different species of bettas? Plakats with Veil tails etc etc for example a female plakat and a male veil tail, will they interbreed or is that something crazy that maybe I've just been thinking about too much.
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All of the fish we call are from the species Betta Splendins, they can all breed with each other.
However, there are other betta species, and while some have been bred to Betta Splendins to add colors etc (dragon is an example), it is much harder.
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Yes, some people cross breed to bring out a paticular tail type, for instance I heard some people tried Crowntail x Veiltail to get Combtail? Not sure if I'm right here, maybe one of the older members could let you know
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When you breed bettas, the genetics within both the parents and the offspring are either recessive or dominant. Some of the characteristics of each gene would show in the offspring, but it wouldn't be a direct combination of both.

For example, if you breed a plakat with a halfmoon, you wouldn't get a betta with a long anal fin and dorsal fin, and a plakat caudal. You'd get whichever is dominant- in this case, the long fins would be dominant over the entire fish, so you would get mostly long fin halfmoon bettas.

Just the same as when you have a deck of cards and you shuffle them- you don't just get one big card with all the numbers shuffled onto it, but rather you get "layers" of cards, and only the one that is on the top of the deck will you see.

If you were to breed a female plakat and a male veil tail, you would get all veil tails because it is a dominant trait. However, if you were to take one of the offspring and breed it back to a plakat, you might get a few plakats out of it because it is a plakat genotype.

It's confusing at first, I know, but study your toosh off and it'll all make sense eventually. xD
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Thanks so much for all the answers guys. It was wreaking havoc in my head lol.
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Bettas are like dogs, they have different breeds and can interbreed. Some species of bettas can also interbreed (imbellis, smaragdina, mahachai, and splendens).
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