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Is my fish Okay?

I have my betta fish in a 2.5gal filtered tank. Water is kept around 76ish throughout the day.

I had slacked off a little with the water care (continued to add treated water.. but hadn't cleaned the gravel, etc., in a bit) and there were a number of snails in there. Once I realized I wouldn't be able to successfully de-snail the tank without fully starting over, I had to resort to that. Cleaned the plant, his decorations, and the tank, and added all new water and gravel.

He seems to be very sluggish lately, and seems to be losing his color. There's also this mark or bump on the back of him towards his tail... Thoughts on what I can do / should do?

It also seems the fish is hanging out behind the filter (kind of where there's no movement of the water at all..) instead of being in the rest of the tank, and is easily pushed by the water coming down from the filter... Is this normal? I don't recall him being this lethargic before... This is the tank I have:


Picture when I first got him:


The mark:

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Hey jsut wanna say try putting this in the fish emergency catagory and you might get a response much quicker off someone who knows what's wrong.

If it was just a case of hanging around the filter I'd say it was because the flow was too strong for him and he's trying to get out of the way. Kyon does it sometimes when he's tired and can't be bothered going into his shelter. It's also a late stage symptom of white spot. I personally think it's the change in water so suddenly has sent him into shock. The mark looks like a stress stripe.
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