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New Tank Questions

Hey everyone, I am thinking about setting up a 10 gallon tank for a couple of bettas. I am going to split the tank and wanted to use a filter and I was wondering what all to add to the filtersystem and to the water. Do you still add the water conditioner like you would in a non-filtered tank? What about in the filter system itself? Is it just a sponge or should you add charcoal? Any help would be appreciated.
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Filters are there to keep the tank from getting overly dirty from fish poo. It doesn't really do anything other than that, so yes you would have to still condition the water~

I don't know about the sponge or charcoal, though o.o
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The filter itself doesn't primarily remove the harmful toxins noted as ammonia and nitrites. Nitrates are also harmful but only in elevated amounts. Nitrate poisoning is somewhat a rare occasion, especialllly in uncycled tanks..........filters don't actually clean the water of any ammonia, or nitrites residues, at all. What is contained inside them is what oxidizes the harmful substances into less harmful compounds, nitrifying bacteria grows in places with a regular supply of ammonia/nitrites and lots of waste/decay. They will thrive in sewage areas where there are exceedingly high amounts of waste and organic decay.........ammonia monooxygenase which converts ammonia (NH3) to hydroxylamine (H3NO) , and nitrite oxidoreductase, which oxidizes nitrite to nitrate Are the main concerns with keeping your ammonia levels minimal.........

Carbon and charcoal have virtually no need in the home aquaria but for uncycled tanks, some people will use zeolite, which many people confuse the purpose of with eliminate ammonia.....there is virtually no need for these and you don't need them

Yes, you do add water conditioner to a non filtered tank as heavy metals. Chlorine, and chloramines are all toxic to fish and will have a negative impact on them. Resulting in likely stress and death
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So, if I change your question a little bit:

You can just bung a big sponge into the filter but be sure that the filter returns water to both sides or you can use a pair of sponge filters, one on each side, driven by a two-port air pump.

For a ten gallon tank that'd be something like $30.00 after shipping cost for the pair of sponge filters and the air pump.

Make sure they can't get over or under the divider, it should be solid tight to the tank walls and bottom and stick up into the hood well enough to block passage (some weatherstripping where divider meets hood can be awesome).

Keep the gravel thin, just enough to stop poop-swirls or to keep plants healthy.
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I personally use carbons in my filter, and yes you still have to condition the water because the filter itself doesn't neuteralise (I think I spelt that right!) any harmful chemicals
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