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Originally Posted by Termato View Post
Do you have a picture of him? Have you gotten him already?
No I don't have him yet, but I have him picked out from my LBS. I want to wait and see if I get this job for sure, you know?
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with the cockatiels
don't bother with pet store bird
there price is outrages
find a breed and buy them off them
normal gray should be 15-25 each
hand feed 40-60 each
price goes up with the different mutation and color
lifespan 15-20 year
silver whiteface are my favorite

with the american budgie you rather get one that young male and not hand feed
they nip less they
with the american budgie($5-$8 from a breeder)
they don't live that long
7-12 years
plus they cost less then there english cousin(15-100+ from breeder)
don't bit as much or hard
bigger bird
don't sing as much
but the down fall is that they only live a short live compare to there cousin
4-8 years
these bird have different color mutation but the price don't really change as much
unless it a new trait which no one have
but with the mutation the price kind of jump
crested and fellow are my favorite in budgie

how about button quail
if you get them young enough they will follow you around and let you pet them
live for about 5 year
cost you less to feed
not as nosy as the first two
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or a small rooster bantam
they make great pet to
my little brother have one that crow when you toss him to a branch
let you catch him and he's free roam
7+ year

diamond dove
wait up in never got one to be hand tame(more like i haven't try)
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