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Terminated this spawn a few days ago. I've been having major issues with the heaters, and I believe the swim bladders of the fry never developed properly, so they ended up at the bottom motionless. Gave it a few days to make sure there was no hope, and sure enough every last one of them was gone. :/ reconditioning and fixing the heating problem, my next spawn log will be of superblack hmpk x steel blue hm, moving forward with my own superblack line. Will keep everyone updated.

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Sorry to hear about your spawn; both Sabra and Storm are beautiful fish, I hope you get to spawn them again.
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I've been getting these heaters from amazon.

At the pet stores they go for 50 bucks, on amazon I got one for 20 and one for 25. Wait long enough and it'll go up and down.

Originally Posted by KadenJames View Post
D'awww, thanks. :D

The heater in their tank went out today, I noticed the temperature was down to 76. Luckily I just got a shipment in of new heaters last night, so I had to carefully switch them out. Storm flipped out and gathered all the eggs into his mouth and hid under a plant, I thought for sure he ate them. But after I put the towel back over him and peeked in, he returned to the nest and blew them back in. :D what a good, protective daddy.
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Old 04-23-2012, 01:26 AM   #24 
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Yes, I just had 3 brand new ones shipped in from Ebay. Hopefully they will be stable, and its not just bad luck. lol
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I'm sorry about your spawn.
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