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Heater question (and feeding question)

We purchased a betta about 2 years ago and he's housed in a 1 gallon plastic tank (I know....all the recommendations are to put him in a bigger tank, but thats NOT an option - we have VERY limited space and this is all we can do and he seems happy). Anyway, the tank is working out well...he seems happy enough but the water is always REALLY cold which I know is not ideal.

I would like to get him a heater, but with the limited size and it being plastic I'm concerned about A. boiling him and B. melting the plastic. '

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would a 7.5 watt be advisable (my concern is that the ones I've looked at are "always on" so need to be very closely monitored and we aren't home during the day) or would a larger one with a thermostat be better? Or are there other alternatives?

While I'm here...I know betta's are picky eaters but mine is to the point where he will only eat frozen brine fish that I hand feed to the little devil. Ugh. I've tried pellets, flakes, cubed dried...he refuses to touch them. any other suggestions for feeding that might not be so "hands on"???

Thanks in advance for your help!!
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1. Bettas do NEED a heater. I think u should get a heater that when it makes the water a certain temperature like, 76F or 78F, it would stop heating. I think a 7.5 watt would be ok, but I think it's best 4 a 10 watt. Search in a LFS or a Petsmart or a Petco 4 a heater like that. I have a heater that does this. But I 4-got what it was called. ( bummer ) :(

2. Bettas can be picky eaters. If he won't eat any special foods 4 Bettas like pellets, try other foods like freeze-dried or live foods. But if u feed these foods feed them a VERY small amount. Freeze-dried is known a cause 4 bloating. And Live, I've heard that it can give Dropsy, I don't know. I think thats what I remember. Anyway, if these other options won't work try the other foods again and see if they work. He might not want 2 eat do 2 the temperature, but that's another case.

Good Luck!!!
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