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I think its time to say....we agree to disagree......and move on.....
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I have all of my betta in one gallon tanks, i see nothing wrong with a well heated, well filtered one gallon tank.
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For the record, I want to say that I do believe that 1 gallon tanks are 100% workable and that betta fish can thrive in them if they are properly kept.

1 gallon tanks just require a lot of work and many people do not want to or have time to put that amount of work into them. Sure, a 50% water change during the week and another 100% water change during the week does not sound like a lot but it is for people like me who, for example, have unsteady schedules that require being up early and returning home very late at night with many projects or commitments to balance either afterward or throughout the week. If someone has the drive, ability, time, and patience to work with 1 gallon tanks then by all means they should use them if they are preferred!

Tanks under 1 gallon, however, should not be sold. Most people do not plan on breeding show bettas or housing more than a few, though usually they plan on just one. 1/2 gallon tanks are tiny and build ammonia very fast. They are considered animal cruelty in the UK. Even worse are 0.3 gallon tanks, which are less than some PetSmart cups at maximum capacity. Aside from ammonia, exercise is denied and it is almost impossible to heat the tank unless you happen to live in a location that does not let the water drop under 75 degrees even at night.

Because of the impracticalities of tanks less than 1 gallon for the average betta caretaker, I believe they should be made illegal for sale for pet care purposes. If there are uses for very small tanks that breeders would need then I would say that those tanks should either be sold as a specialty item in a specialty shop or labelled correctly in pet stores and not advertised as the "ideal betta home" for the typical betta pet. This thought would have to be discussed by breeders, though, and their thoughts/imput must be equally heard.

As for the thread I feel like it has become derailed. I think it is healthy to debate the practicality of such tanks but only through the use of fact and support, not personal attacks or pure opinion.
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Sorry for not keeping my promise but I thought that the OP should take a look at this

Originally Posted by ZergyMonster View Post
Mine is in a 1.8 gallon. My mother hates having fish tanks in her house. (I used to live by myself but came home because of financial issues.) I have two 10 gallons and my betta tank.
Originally Posted by djembekah View Post
mine are both in 1 gallons and seem to be happy so far! i am planning my 29 gallon tank though!
Originally Posted by DragonTheBetta View Post
Dragon is in a 1 gallon and seems like he couldn't be happier!
Originally Posted by a123andpoof View Post
I have a 1 gallon a 2.5 gallon and a 10 gallon divided 3 ways. All are very happy fish!
Originally Posted by Myates View Post
With multiple fish and bettas, among other living creatures in and around my home- I keep my bettas in different sizes ranging from 1-3 gallons.. Once we find a larger home we all can agree on, then can upgrade to larger tanks, along with sororities and a breeding set up.
But for now all are perfectly happy and healthy and I am not as squashed for space :)
Originally Posted by JBosley View Post
Dragonfly is in a 2 gallon critter keeper His fins are FINALLY re-growing! I prefer smaller tanks, and my guy doesn't seem to mind.
Originally Posted by JBosley View Post
Have you seen the critter keeper stick? It tells you sizes based on measurements. The measurements are on petsmarts website! I also have one from petsmart, mine is 2 gallons
Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post
my smallest tanks are one gallon. i have Lulu in one, and Pyro in the other. Lulu, because she stresses in anything bigger, Pyro because i was trying to stop him from pacing. it..... didn't work. :I
Originally Posted by newarkhiphop View Post
1 in a one gallon aqueon
1 in a one gallon petco kritter
1 in a two gallon

planning on rescuing a blue and white marble halfmoon tommrrow, going to keep him in a one gallon petco kritter keeper too
Originally Posted by Hopeseeker View Post
Both boys are in 1.8 gallon aquariums and I just started buying stuff for a 15 gallon sorority!!!!
Originally Posted by Pitluvs View Post
The minimum I have right now is my two hospital tanks, a 0.25g (0.5g filled halfway) and a 1.5g for my perma floater Kris. But as for healthy Bettas, 2.65g and 3.3g is what I have for the other 8 males.
Originally Posted by Tikibirds View Post
I have one guy in a 1.5ish gallon storage container. oddly he is more active and colored up more then in the 3G
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Can we please close the thread or let it die off now? No offense to anyone, but as Mo posted, many people have one gallon tanks with happy Bettas, but we all have our opinions.

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To the OP, I didn't read the entire thread because we've had many like this before, and a few people on this forum wanted to start some sort of betta boutique kind of thing where they only stored bettas in 2.5+ gallons minimum.

If anybody here has taken any business course in their life, they will know it is not optimal in a business sense to keep bettas in their store larger than their cups. It is the idea of it being cost-effective (NOT because they want more money in their pockets, that is different). The reason is because they can only be kept in solitary confinement. Other community fish can have hundreds squashed into a single tank so the "bulk" will cover the cost of maintaining the 20Gal at the store. If you were to have a bunch of 1 gallon+ heated filtered tanks with bettas in the store, they will have to charge something around $40-50 EACH just to cover the costs of running their solitary tanks.

As for selling small tanks and allegedly promoting cruelty, that is a different story. I would much prefer people to be EDUCATED on how to care for a small tank, rather than just trying to abolish them. Some people simply do not have the physical space to have 5 gallons scattered about the place, you cannot tell these people that they are "unworthy" of owning a betta because they're being cruel. Dramaqueen and OFL and many other people on this forum take fantastic care of their bettas in 1 gallon.

Going back to the business side of it, it is actually more cost-effective for an owner to purchase a larger tank (smaller gallon:price ratio) but the majority of people who purchase fish are primarily uneducated on the proper care techniques a small tank requires. Compounding this on top of the primarily uneducated LPS employees and you have your problem. Many people think a smaller tank is less work when it is actually the reverse.

Education is the answer, not starting some sort of revolution against large companies because a few people don't agree with 1 gallon tanks.
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I think the issue isn't about 1 gallons. I think it's about less than one gallons. I mean.. do any of us think these are okay??

And this last one is only 1 pint (0.125 gallons...)

These are the ones that should not be sold next to bettas. None of these can be heated safely. None of these are acceptable. These are the ones that should be targeted.

Couldn't the pet stores house their bettas in barracks inside their larger tanks? That way the filtration is already there. They'd get more space as well, because it would clear up shelving space for other products.

That's my two-cents.
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Old 04-29-2012, 08:23 PM   #108 
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well, I'm going to agree that in a better world, no one would want to put their betta in something like a betta bowl. At our store, I encourage people to find the biggest thing they can for their fish, and sometimes I even recommend large jars and vases if they already have a betta, because it's inexpensive and will get their fish one- to two gallons of space. (no peace lillies, please....)
I don't think it's wrong to put out a petition with the intent of trying to change people's minds about tiny betta bowls and other such things. Perhaps getting a petition started that swings positive- getting people to agree to provide an adequate living arrangement for their betta. This is a heated topic and, sadly, what constitutes cruelty in the eyes of the law for a fish is pretty limited.
But getting folks to sign on to a positive message alienates less people. Get kids to do a show-and- tell on the best ways to give a betta more room. Speak with your local library about doing an afternoon talk. Set up a table at a town event and get people to spread the word about bigger tanks and jars. Start a facebook page and post pictures of happy betta in cool homes. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in changing a longstanding trend.
For me, I have one guy in a 6.6 gallon, another in a 3 gallon, and a recovering fin-biter in a plastic shoebox set up like a riverbed...the water is only 6 or seven inches deep, but it's longer and wider than my three gallon, so he has lots of swimming room, plants and rocks to play with. And I'm always up on the water changes so he has a crystal-clear river...heh.

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Old 04-30-2012, 01:05 AM   #109 
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I agree with Bahamut about the 1 gallon containers. It's a matter of taking care of them properly. If I had to keep them in 5 gallons or larger then I'd only have like 3 bettas. lol No where to put large tanks.IMO fish are going to get sick, whether they're kept in 10 gallon heated, filtered tanks or a 1 gallon bowl.
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Old 04-30-2012, 10:22 AM   #110 
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
I agree with Bahamut about the 1 gallon containers. It's a matter of taking care of them properly. If I had to keep them in 5 gallons or larger then I'd only have like 3 bettas. lol No where to put large tanks.IMO fish are going to get sick, whether they're kept in 10 gallon heated, filtered tanks or a 1 gallon bowl.
So sorry :(
I agree it matter of taking care of. I see so many people have problems with 10 gall or 6 gall with filter and heater, cycling or not cycling.

And if not 1 gall i would not able to have bettas at work. I have 3 bettas now at work. I can't keep bigger tanks at work, but I change their water regularly.They also pretty old bettas lol

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