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You say ten to fifteen in your tank...
Have you checked all of them carefully and done a good head count? A dead fish hiding somewhere in the tank can cause serious ammonia like that. I had "ten to fifteen" white cloud mountain minnows in one of my tanks - two died and I took them out... Checked the parameters and found I was having an ammonia spike. Changing the water didn't seem to help, I was panicking... I vacuumed like crazy. Didn't help. It was only when I took *every* piece of decoration out that I found one had wedged itself into a gap in a plastic plant where I couldn't see it and died.

I would take every single thing out and check them *well*. I wouldn't wash them in anything other than tank water to keep the good bacteria one them, but I would definitely check closely. Female bettas can be very tiny and get wedged in the smallest places where you would never expect. If there is any chance at all you have missed one, you might have a tiny corpse deteriorating somewhere hidden.
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The bamboo plant... is it live? If it is and the leaves are submerged it could be that the plant is rotting as it is only semi-aquatic causing it to foul the water. If only the stalk is underwater then I'm not entirely sure.

I'm sorry for your losses! :( I hope you're able to figure it out soon!
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I counted 15 today. I've been doing water changes with a siphon so I have been vacuuming the gravel. That's how I found 2 dead fish. But so far, nothing else has died. The bamboo is completely submerged but looks very healthy; all green. I took the bottles out just in case. I did another water change today. On average I've been doing 25% water changes every other day. It is definitely a 29 gallon. The dimensions match what a 29 gallon should be. I don't get it. It's driving me crazy. BTW, the girl I had in my hospital tank didn't make it. If I feed the fish only once a day, or maybe just every other day, would it help? They are fed live and frozen bloodworms, New Life Spectrum pellets, live white worms, and sometimes mini meal worms if my frogs don't want them. But I've been feeding them 2x a day everyday because I'm not sure which female I will end up breeding and I thought I may as well condition them all.
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And a couple of days ago, I did take absolutely everything out. It's how I discovered my ghost shrimp were all non existent. So I went out and got more.
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