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Exclamation Been battling fin rot for MONTHS, and NOTHING is working! Please, any suggestions?

Thank you for taking the time to visit this. I have a male betta, and he has been afflicted with what I am fairly certain to be fin rot for the past few months, and nothing that I do will get rid of it.
His tank conditions: 2 gallons, solitary, heated (approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit), filtered, gravel, fake silk plants. I add a betta water conditioner, and recently have been adding aquarium salt and "good" bacteria (to supplement for all the water changes). I do a 10% water change weekly and 25% monthly when I replace the filter carbon.
I test the water for: nitrate, chlorine, hardness, pH, nitrite, alkalinity, and ammonia. The only thing that is not automatically ideal is the hardness, which I can usually lower to a suitable condition by adding a pH decreasing acid. Medications that I have already tried: bettafix, kanaplex, and tetracycline. I have tried all these multiple times, and am worried of over-medicating him, and believe that it may be antibiotic resistant. I have also tried the controversial betta "surgery" (applying hydrogen peroxide directly to his fins). This helped temporarily. The medications also seemed to help, but once I stop giving it to him, it will return full force within a few days. I am totally at a loss as to how to help him, I am willing to try whatever at this point. It is now progressively worsening, and I am worried it will spread to the rest of him soon. Thank you again
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Welcome to the forum and sorry your Betta isn't well......

First you need to fix the cause before the cure can work.......

Often in the small tanks the filter can be a cause of damage and this opens them up to a secondary infection

Water quality is another issue-poor water quality with open wounds increase chances of secondary infection

In a 2gal filtered tank needs at least twice weekly 50% water changes

In a 2gal unfiltered tank-twice weekly...1-50% and 1-100% to maintain water quality.

Nutrition is another big issue-good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals....

Sometimes the treatment itself can be a cause-the Betta can become toxic....the stress from over medicating, poor water quality, multi chemical, poor diet...etc.....all can compromise the immune response....

What I would recommend at this point-stop all medication-only chemical additive should be a good dechlorinator, remove the filter and start 25% daily water changes for 4 days, improve nutrition, maintain the water temp in the 76-78f range.

Post some pic so we can take a look at his fins and fill out the sticky at the top of this section and add to this thread-the more detailed the better
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