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True Indigo
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Talking A Huge Thank You To Fellow Members of

A few months ago, I naively set out to get my first betta fish buying a one gallon filtered tank. His name was Drake and he was a deep royal black, red, and blue crowntail. I followed the advice of the designated Cat Guy at the petco and fed him twice a day as many pellets as he'd eat in 2 minutes (7 pellets twice a day for this guy). When I came across him being bloated and what I'd later determine to be swim bladder. After he wouldn't eat for 3 and a half days, I searched frantically on sites and it was only when I came across this forum that I found the information I needed to treat it. It was late at night so I waited till the morning before I'd go on my quest to get the items needed to help Drake out.

Drake was dead that morning. I was very upset and had an empty tank for three days. In those three days, I found so much information on these forums and felt prepared to get another betta. My double-tail, Gyarados. He'd live in that same one gallon for about a week and a half before I put him in rightfully with a five gallon. And although he had a few illness scares, he's now incredibly active and healthy and I'm very happy to have him.

If it wasn't for the community here, I would have been lost due to the different available information out on the web that say so many opposite things about how to take care betta fish. I'm still learning a lot and still consider myself no where near knowledgeable in bettas as many of you. This forum has a huge community that is helpful, understanding, kind, and holds a lot of information and resources. Betta fish care is made much more understandable and simple amongst the complex processes of starting out as a betta owner (until you get the gist of it and then it's pretty easy but not as easy as some stores would like you to think with a few pebbles, a 0.5 gallon bowl, and a fake plant).

I got Gyarados on March 8th and I'll have had him nearly for two months and while I sometimes feel like a pain for asking so many things, all of you have been tolerant and helpful in giving advice.

So here's to the community of Thank you all and I hope to continue to be a better part of this forum.

-- Devin aka True Indigo
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I agree, the folks on this site are great and so knowledgeable. I learn something new almost every day.
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Reference Team
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Originally Posted by True Indigo View Post
Thank you all and I hope to continue to be a better part of this forum.
And, in a while, when you become confident in your knowledge of basic Betta husbandry, you can review the posts by new members and help them. It seems to go that way.
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Isn't that the truth!
I agree...everyone here is a family, a community that stretches around the world and still feels close. I love that we all have some input to share, so many resources from all walks/swims of life!

Thank you for your wonderfully written words of thanks.
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I feel exactly the same way. I have only been here for about a month, and I have learned SO much! And now that I know a bit more than I used to, I have even started helping people out (just with the basics, I'm nowhere near most of the people here) which is such a great feeling. Long live!
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Aww lovely post! I've found out that forums can be friendly places! I've had some bad experiences here but not enough to out weigh my positives. I come here daily, usually the first web address I type in the morning when I get up. I post here more than I post anywhere else. I love it here and I feel I've made so many friends from all around the world who are ready and willing to help me even when I'm being a complete ditz! I've gone from someone who only passively looked after fish while growing up to being fairly knowlageable and I pass on a lot of advice to fellow fish keepers. I have more betta groups and pages on facebook that I do for any other hobby or interest!

Kyon is a bit of a grump but he's happy and healthy but I don't think he would be if it wasn't for all the advice here. I must thank Sena, Sivan, Mo, OFL, Micho and KoiMaiden especially as they've been life savers!
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Old 05-04-2012, 08:41 PM   #7 
True Indigo
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I do aim to be better since this community is so great. I feel I can't help but learn more amongst all of you.
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TFK Moderator
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Thanks for the nice post about the forum community. There are a great bunch of people here who are passionate about their fishy friends (myself included) and willing to help as best they can.

Assuming that Gyarados is the fish in your avatar? He's a real beauty!

And sorry about Drake :(
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True Indigo
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Thanks, Romad. And yes, that is Gyarados in my avatar. His tails are growing out after he spent one week biting them. They're almost full again. He's eve more vibrant than before. Might take some more pictures soon. Hahaha.

And as for Drake, thank you. I only had him for two weeks but I felt greatly responsible for his death and it made me sad for the day, but lesson learned nevertheless.
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and soon you will be one of those helping a fellow newbie and thus the great knowledge of fish keeping will spread. :)
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