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I got a problem

Iíve always been a firm believer in research and getting everything set before you ever try breeding fish but I didnít think they would breed. I had a boy and girl in a 125 gallon tank the filter was going and there was a current all the time. All the previous research told me they would not breed in these conditions. I now have baby fish and I have no idea what Iím doing. I moved them to a 5 gallon tank and have been reading a bit but everything been saying I need to get live food I have searched all the local pet shops for any kind of live food that is small enough and come up with NUTHING. So I donít know what to feed the little guys. I also have a bit of a problem with the water. My little brother (who is 5) fed my fish without me knowing needless to say I now have a TUN of food in my tank and need to find a way to get it out without sucking up all my baby fish. If anyone has advice plz help me out.
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First congrats.....

I have had a few successful spawn in my big NPT's with filtration, however, I have only had a couple of fry survive due to all the fish.....anyway....good that you got them in the 5gal...

You can use a piece of airline hose and vacuum the tank making at least 50% water changes-you need to do this daily for best growth-you will suck up a few fry, just check the waste bucket and put them back in the tank.

Food-if you have mosquito larva in your area-use a brine shrimp net and collect some-then using a larger mesh nest separate the larger larva and feed the smallest larva to the fry-they can eat larger food than you think-you might even have some daphnia with the larva that is great fry food.
Look for green water sitting in full sun-this green water is full of microorganisms that the fry can eat.
Buy some BBS eggs and get a hatchery going.
Boiled egg yolk-small amount is used by a lot of breeders, personally I found it to be too messy-but in a pinch its better than nothing.....

If you have live plants and some common snail-add them to the fry tank-this will help water quality.

How old are the fry and how many did you catch....

Sometimes we have to get creative and try different things and methods.

Good luck and keep us posted-look forward to pics and more info....
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Thanks for all the advice i used the air line hose to change some of the water but due to the large amount of food put in its still quite a mess.
i dont have any mosquito larva right now but im hoping to look around the yard a bit more and see if i can find some. i looked for BBS at all the stores but no one seems to sell them and the soonest they would be able to order them is 2 weeks :(. im gunna try the egg iv used it for some of my other baby fish but didnt love it. i did find frozen brine shrip and might try that. ill add some snails from my 125 to the fry tank to help with the water.
the fry are 3 days old right now and i managed to get almost all of them. i cant wait to see them grow :D
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