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Old 05-07-2012, 11:40 PM   #1 
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Going nuts to the left...

So Galileo, as I've mentioned, has been one of my most active bettas. He's very 'twitchy,' whizzing around this way and that, and then stopping for a rest, and then going again. I've recently noticed that he's developed a bit of a habit. He darts over to the left side of his tank and swims up and down with his nose against the glass. This is also the side that his Betta hammock is on, so he'll dash over the suction cup and then do what I can only describe as horizontal 'laps' around the left side of the tank. This past time he actually jumped out of the water, and thankfully the tank has a cover, or else I'd have had a heart attack.

This is a video I took of him just a few days ago, before he started going crazy on the left side. You can see his energy, and also the little breaks he takes between bursts.

Anyway, my question is, what could be causing this? Is it just a crowntail quirk? He's my first CT, so I wouldn't really know.

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He He cute, my boys have their quirks too it's so entertaining. Galileo is gorgeous BTW....
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Old 05-08-2012, 12:24 AM   #3 
True Indigo
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Simple answer? He's probably just a very active and healthy fish. His breathing doesn't look exasperated and he might just be reacting out of the fact that he sees you.

Gyarados does a very similar back and forth wiggle dance a lot of the time and he's also a jumper (I also have a cover). Sometimes he'll go so far as to snap his mouth at me (that's what attracted him to me in the store actually).

I say you have nothing to worry about. He'll eventually realize that if he keeps jumping, he'll only hit a ceiling and will most likely stop. Though, I took advantage of my fish's hyperness and will have him jump for his food some times (poor thing scraped some scales off his head once because he hit the side of a filter but they healed perfectly fine).

I wouldn't worry in my honest opinion, but someone might know more and say different. But in my experience with a hyper betta, there's really nothing to worry about.
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Obviously he wants to get in your lap and be petted. Betta are a lot like puppies sometimes.
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Old 05-08-2012, 10:29 AM   #5 
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I couldn't help but giggle at his breaks! He must be young to have such energy in him. Beautiful coloring as well :)
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I think he's a camera/attention hound
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