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I don't buy from them anymore either, I only ever bought one thing from them, a 20gallon tank which to be quite honest, was a good tank, and still is, but that is down to the manufacturer more than pets at home!!!
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Ahh I hate how they don't even like care for they're fish really. At least that's better than my experience at Petsmart... They dropped my HAMSTER when I was getting him. But it was nice of them to provide my hamster health care after he had a few minor bruises. I think if people at Petsmarts or petco's don't know how to handle animals, they shouldn't at all.
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Originally Posted by BeckyFish97 View Post
Thats really cruel :(
At my lfs, the guy in charge of the fish, absolutely loves them, he's had kids come in pick a fish out with their hand and drop it on the floor, he's picked them up taken them out the back and put them in a QT till he can take them home with him to make them better before bringing them back to be sold (most of the time he just cant bear to let them go :P) but he really cares about the fish, so much so that he washes the floor...yes you guessed it, with water that has tap conditioner and stress zyme in it!!!all for the fish!!!LOL he's not happy at the moment though, some new numpty employee, has decided that even though one of the tanks has white spot in it, they're not going to sterilise any equipment they use, he now has 5-6 tanks with white spot in them, he says when he finds who's done it they will be fired!!!
Sounds like my walmart's fish/pet guy. He's awesome. I went in there monday and told him about the fish eating eachother friday and he was "No one feeds them when I'm not here." He was pissed about it, and sad too. A couple of bettas died over the weekend while he was off 'cause no one changed the water and whatnot. And I told them he was like "I know. But they're in their own bowl so the other fish can't eat them. However, the others can be, so I've got to fish them out first."

The betta I got monday is lookin' alright, if a bit... i dunno.

And the bettas at the local petco were in clean water. But most of them have fin rot. ;-;
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Petco makes me sad :(
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