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Originally Posted by Tamyu View Post
I have never had one as a pet, but I have dealt with them in a commercial aquarium... They are a huge pain and try to kill themselves constantly. Wedging into dangerous places, prying the filter cover off and getting caught in it, climbing out and dying on the floor, etc. I would not want to deal with one in a home aquarium.
As horrible as this sounds, I was laughing really hard imagining all this XXXD. I just pictured a derpy little octopus doing said thing.
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Just so you know, the plural of octopus is octopi.
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I have a pet rock that wears an octopus hat. Does that count?

...A less weird response: I love octopi. The LFS I work at had one for a while, and he totally won me over <3 Every time I wiped the algae from his tank walls he would come over and latch onto my fingers for a few minutes and just sit there. If it weren't for the fact that they're super high-maintenance and my puffer tank is about as much saltwater as I can handle right now, I totally would have convinced my parents to buy him.
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Originally Posted by Earthworm View Post
Just so you know, the plural of octopus is octopi.
Probably, technically correct, and I used to think so, but....

Everybody I know at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, everybody on "Tanked" and everybody else I know, who are aquarists and fish folks, say "octopuses."
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