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Is it tail rot, or biting??

I've had Fish Perry for almost 1 yr now. A challenging journey from an instant connection to the little guy in the dirty cup of water to my my current "epic" battle to save his tail. I new zero about fish when I bought him, and not much more now.
Y'all have helped me regarding his tail before and Im hoping that I finally have a pic, I can figure out WHY WHY WHY this keeps happening to his dang tail!
He lives in a filtered ( marina adjustable flow filter set on medium low flow), heated ( 80 degrees ), 10 gallon tank. Lots of silk plants and caves. I use the test strips with color blocks and they say the water parameters are just right ( the colors match the safe/good category ). I do 70% water change with gravel vacuum every Wednsday. I do NOT wash the castle,cave, log, plants. Should I??
I caught him chomping his tail once, but now I see a pin hole. That means fin rot doesnt it?
My filter has 3 slim cartridges that I swish in the old water ( as advised ),
should I be replacing them each month instead?
I really adore this fish and I try to take good care of him. Please help me fix his tail! I have treated him with salt, then T.C.Tetracycline, each time it improves, showing regrowth, but the problem always returns.
I thought it was solved when I saw him bite, but now I think its thr rot again. HELP! WHY??

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It's definitely tail biting.

Since you said you don't clean the decor, I would recommend doing so, and then keeping the water warm and clean to prevent the healing fins from getting infected.

Other than that, maybe he needs something to keep him distracted? :o hmm...
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fin rot -- i think not

What types decor? Are those artificial plants?? what size tank??

I had at the same time a tail destroyer and a Betta with fin rot. The fin rot was actually bleeding but was not shredded as severe as the tail destroyer. The tail destroyer, whether biting or bashing against plastic decor, was moved to a larger tank with silk and live plants. He is recovering well. (see photos lavendar betta)

The fin rot was obvious -- he not only was bleeding from the tail, but had slightly clamped fins and was not active-- mainly laid on the bottom.
He was treated and given a better tank and is in the process of healing. And now acts like a "normal" betta. Sunny's photos attached.

Hope this helps
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Yeh, it sounds like tail has been a year probably your betta is bored with his current environment..try redecorating the plants and toys may help reduces the chances of repeating it again, I can see my halfmoon betta always bites his own tail too and I think maybe this is a bad habit..he stops doing that after I gave him a small floating ball to play with.. I'll distract him whenever he try to bite his tail..
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Thanks to y'all for the response. His tank is 10g and the plants are all silk and all different sizes. Can you tell from the pix if his looks like biting or rot?
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OK, tail biting. I'm a little relieved because I just couldnt believe his water could be making him sick, I'm very vigilant about changes. Any suggestions for diversions? He's in there alone. Maybe some cory cats or shrimp? Again, it's 10g tank so I know I cant add much.
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