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Now, now....don't be too hard on yourself.....stuff happens.....

Remember, algae is normal and expected and can even be a sign of a healthy system, it can help make the tank look more natural by softening edges and it provide area for microorganism to colonize on that the livestock in the tank can feed on for added nutrition, exercise and entertainment.......not all algae is bad or a bad sign, however, since this is a closed system we have to keep it controlled by manual removal on occasion along with a water change....that good green algae on the non-viewing walls and some decorations...can be a good can't thrive in too clean and sterile conditions......

Also, remember that this isn't a long lived species of fish either....average lifespan of 2-3 years and often we get them near 1 year to start.....and genetic has a lot to do with longevity.......

Don't give up......
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I'm just frustrated with it all. I know people who buy bettas and keep them in vases, change the water whenever it gets gross, no filter or heater, nothing added to the water..and their fish live 2 years.
I've been lucky to get 4 months out of mine in a filtered, heated and well cared for 10 gallon tank.
Heck, My mom had a 20 gallon tank with tetras and a very large pleco (much too large for her tank) and they survived quite some time without one single water change.
I don't get it. It seems fish that get less care live longer than ones that are cared for very well. I've seen ich (treated it and all was well..this was many months ago and those fish have since died), I've seen pineconing in multiple fish, popeye in a molly, and random fish death for no reason I could determine...
I ADORE fish, but they seem to hate me. My first betta lived a good year or so in a vase with a plant at the top. Mind you I was probably 10 or 11 at the time and had no idea about the requirements for bettas, yet my fish lived?
I quarantined the pineconing bettas (turns out the one I assumed was dead was not, and both are still alive) and the healthy betta is still in the 10 gallon by herself. She seems to be healthy, but her appetite isn't what it usually is.. Either she's going to die on me too or she's stressed by her pineconed friends.
I know some algae is okay, but it seemed to be overgrowing. My partner had gotten me an algae eater..but it refused to touch the algae and then died because it never once came out of hiding.
I'm beginning to think that fish just aren't my thing. I have better luck with things that don't live in water, like birds. They don't die on me until they're quite old usually.
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