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:( I was hoping he would of pulled through.

Alot of the bettas from petstores are already sick, we just don't notice it yet. Exposure to colder temps does lower the immune system, the stress from shipping, stress from the pet store and their lack of care/water changes all add up. It always makes me sad when they finally find a loving home, only to pass away a few days later :(

Are you planning to get another red boy? When I shop for fish I look for ones that are alert and responsive, have no cause of the fuzzies and are not least that's how it starts out. I usually end up with the most pathetic looking one I can find as long as they do not have a case of the fuzzies (columnaris is one disease I do NOT like to deal with).

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So sorry :( Yes a lot of bettas are sick in the store. But i really love to buy bettas in the store to rescue them from there . I always wanted white opaque bettas so much and i was going to order it from the breeder. I even told myself I deserve to have what I want because I have 10 of them. And as soon as I went to the store, and saw poor bettas in those little cup of course end up with another one. And not only that cups are little , they don’t even put enough water. It so sad. Especially when people new to betta, and afraid to buy another one after 2-3 died… I wish people don’t give up :(

I don’t know if it bad but when I buy betta I always ready for the sick one. And I always have medications, aquarium and Epsom salt ready.

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Originally Posted by arin View Post
Razzy passed away tonight all on his own peacefully. We are going to miss him soooooo much . But I am so glad that he is not in pain any more. So sad right now I just wish that there was something i could have done. Rest in Peace our little man.

Anhel123 I am going to get rid of the tank it is too small and i was going to get a new one for Razzy this weekend anyway. Going to get a 2.5 gallon. I would like to keep the heater though and use it for the tank with that has my baby platies. The case on the heater is hard plastic can i still use bleach? Thanks again everyone for all your help I'm sure all your advise at least gave him a bit of confort in his last days I know that it gave me some.
I didn’t disinfect it with bleach. It was long time ago I didn’t know if I can do it. I wash it with half and half vinegar/water and I added soap. I washed it literally million time and let it stay in the water completely submerged. Wash it again and air dried on the sun light for a few days, wash it. My heaters has also plastic top and you can see wire cord coming out of hole. So it a hole and I was afraid that disinfection solution will stay inside. So I submerge it in the water and when I washed it I put it upside down make sure no solution left in that hole. And when I air dry I did it upside down .

That is what I did may be someone else will give you another advice.

I hope next fish will be healthy. Just don't give up.

Aq I am personally would wait before you put gravel and plants in with new fish. Wait make sure it healthy.

Also I would always quarantine new plants.

Good luck.

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